James Webb's latest image.


We discussed this days ago and we said that we shall visit one of these galaxies using this futuristic machine

Hii ilisemekana inaenda at the speed of light squared

Tulishadiscuss. Tutakuja kuletewa video lini?


We are not alone in this huge universe

Wht is the telescopes zoom distance?. When zooming in where there any objects that were bigger than the 2D plain that the telwscole is showing. Fictional science this one!

Am still waiting to see just 1 alien from hizi billions of ngaraxies.

A part of me believes that Webb has already seen earth 2, 3, 4 etc; and they are just holding back the details because of the chaos that the info would bring on this earth.

Can you expound on this?


The existence of other earths, just like ours. I’ll not go deep into multiverse theory and string theory because I believe you can Google and YouTube that. Anyway, If the universe was a body and the galaxies were organs, stars would be muscles and planets would be cells. We already know that the ‘organs’ i.e. galaxies exist. It would be unwise to assume the ‘cells’ i.e. alternate earths don’t exist.

You can see more here


and here too


Guys make sure to check the links above you will be amazed. JWT iko ngangari kabisa.



Hata kama the telescope proves there is life it won’t help that much coz these images only show us the past of these galaxies not their current status

So if they captured images and saw life on those
planets, that’s like millions of light years ago.
tutaona Tu na macho but can’t do shit

Same case if there was a civilization thousands of lights years with technology like ours and they captured the status of our planet right now.by the time they got it, we would be extinct coz the earth won’t be habitable as it would only hold life for another 100,000 years only

Nimepata screen saver

Download hii 3600x2085 Hi-res version yenye ili kataa ku upload juu ni 5mb. Hio hapo juu ni 1900x1100


Uko nyuma aje

The issue here is that if confirmed true - there is another life out there - all the creation theories we believed becomes null and void.

Religion becomes false.

Mach 2?