James bond books censored

Now the “woke” mzungu is busy censoring Jame Bond book for the “modern” audience.


They are also censoring Roahl Dahl for modern audience

And that ladies and gentlemen is how history is changed.

I remember in Goldfinger, Oddjob (an Asian bad guy) is given a cat to eat for dinner :smiley:
I think these things should be preserved in their original form. People in the future ought to know where we’ve come from and what was once considered normal.

And if its too offensive then people can simply ignore.

ukweli mtupu

This is why critical race theory is not allowed in school. With such references including akina Tintin, it is obvious racism is systemic

Censoring those books will not help anyone. Hizo vitabu ziwachwe vile zilikuwa and be used to teach how racism ilikuwa normal during those times. Infact the “woke” mzungu akianza kuchange he/she will focus more on pronouns than racism. Utapata James Bond anajiita they/them to fit the “modern” audience.