JamboPay integration

I am trying to integrate JamboPay to a website with the express option but am being redirected to the payments cancelled page. I have the API key but not sure where to place add it since the documentation is shallow. Any help will be appreciated to solve this issue.

When did the aliens invade this forum? :mad: Explain in simple terms bwana

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This is as simple as it gets.


@admin msaidie

I can help you, Jambopay integration is the easiest that can be. Just a simple form and the Jambopay URL as the form action.


<?php $url = 'https://www.jambopay.com/JPExpress.aspx'; $opts = array(); $opts['jp_item_type'] = 'cart'; $opts['jp_item_name'] = 'Item You are paying for'; // generate a timstamp for the order_id $opts['order_id'] = time(); $opts['jp_business'] = '[email protected]'; $opts['jp_amount_1'] = '100'; $opts['jp_amount_2'] = '0'; $opts['jp_amount_5'] = '0'; // email of the person paying, or customer $opts['jp_payee'] = '[email protected]'; $opts['jp_shipping'] = ''; $opts['jp_rurl'] = 'your_return_url'; $opts['jp_furl'] = 'your_failed_url'; $opts['jp_curl'] = 'your_cancel_url'; $opts['image'] = 'https://www.jambopay.com/jp_image/paynow.png'; ?>



Thanks man. It worked like a charm.

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I need help on integrating this into a simple html website. Everything it try with the APIs isn’t working :frowning:

You have to use a server-side language such as PHP or python to integrate the APIs.

My website is a very simple one page responsive html site. I need the jambo pay donate button option. I got the APIs but i have no idea what to do with them.

You basically have a HTML static site. The work is to display info but it cannot process data.

Now you need to have a server side language integrated e.g. PHP, java etc whose work it is going to be to process data received when someone clicks the donate button.

For example, if someone fills in donate and chooses to do so via a credit card etc. There are fields where one will enter the amount, their info and credit card details. When the click donate, the server side language receives the data and sends it to jambopay or any other provider who actually process the payment I.e. debit the customer’s account and credit your account. They then return a message to you informing you whether this transaction has been successful and you record the message details(on a database or a file etc) and inform them you have received their instructions. Of course this whole process takes place in less than a second but you get the idea

Yes, i very well understand the idea. What excactly should i use to integrate the API’s ? first ive copy pasted the above code to my site using dream weaver and uploaded the ASP files onto my server using filezilla. All i’m getting is the jambopay donate png image on my website but nothing happens when i click on it. Please bear with me, i know its not a complicated process but i’m quite green on php knowlegde

I have used a dozen payment providers but I have never used jambopay. The process should be the same though.

You first need to get the API key from the provider. These days locally the laws are a bit strict so you may probably have to provide documents to prove that you are a legit entity. Once you have an approved account, you need to get an API key as well as setup a callback URL on their platform to which jambopay will send response data to when you send them transaction details. That is the general flow.

Now without log files, there is not much help you can get.

I have all files from jambopay as well as the shared key. The registration was done and my merchant account is activated. Integration to my website is the only headache here

Without you providing the logs of what happens when you click the button, I can’t help you

This is what happens

I can send you the files i received via wetransfer you see if you can assist alafu ninunue soda

No need. Just helping out.
Just paste the files on a gist or on Pastie and put the URL here.

Also paste the server debug logs if you have any