Jambazi will win in 2027

Told you about my dad, who had started cursing Jambazi for failing the country despite waking up early to vote for him in 2022 and send Raila to Bondo. I thought he had reached a Damascus Moment but I was wrong. Yesterday, Jambazi graced their church event in Kasarani(APCIA Centary celebrations, the church is exclusively for Kikuyus ) and he called me singing praises to Jambazi.

Jambazi will visit churches again in 2027, pour billions that he will have looted and brainwash them. They will vote for him overwhelmingly


Jambazi WILL win in 2027 if he takes his ARVs but he will be like Kibaki in second term’ Fewer MPigs, MCAs, Senyetas, Governors. The he will buy the opposistion. We pray that Ndege yake ianguke achomeke aondolee Kenya UPUZI


Unadhani KAFakkin 1 kuanguka na rahisi

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@Ngimanene-Na-matharo Visibly Disturbed by the Sight of an Easy Prey…

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He will get his second. This is Africa :grin:but he will have a tough time ruling as most of his royal sidekicks will be planning their future political moves knowing yeye atakwa anaenda nyumbani.

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I have good news for you
All Earthly Things and Beings have a begining …
And an End …

Daniel Arap Moi was around for 24 Years
KANU was “Baba na Mama” and was supposed to rule us for 100 Years …
It did’nt happen …

Nabii Zakayo Vasco Danganya and his sidekick Riggy Gee are only a temporary nuisance
They will all soon be gone …
But Kenya and its Citizens will endure:blush:

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