Jambaz System: Freedom Is Here.......

Former Olympics Committee official Stephen arap Soi has been released from prison.
Soi was handed a 17-year sentence for corruption in the KSh 55 million Rio 2016 Olympics scandal.
Justice Esther Maina noted that the trial magistrate did not consider the defense adduced by Soi.

“The court has found merit in the appeal and it has allowed it, quashed the conviction, and set aside the sentence,
and directed that Soi be released set at liberty forthwith unless otherwise lawfully held,”
said Esther Maina.

Soi and former sports minister Hassan Wario were found guilty of misappropriating KSh 55 million shillings ($450,000) during the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro.

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[I][B]All prisoners cases shd be revisited…this govt is there fairest of all…it neans well to humanity…gogogogo kenyan is free

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When a thief is at the helm, then all thieves must be released

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Let them set all prisoners free . People who have committed economic crimes are all going scout free. [/B][/I]
Justice for the rich and well connected. Bure kabisa .

Ni maombi si ushawi.

Mapema ndio best.

hakuna nchi hapa

Wait for Hon. Amos Kimunya to be jailed and see how Mt. Kenya will fall into jubilation, led by @ChifuMbitika .