jambaz sugu amefanya ile kitu...

"The courses are provided by the Thunderbird School of Global Management at Arizona State University which offers programs designed to prepare students to navigate the dynamic digital world. "
mathematics 20X100K =2000000000
@Kalenjin101 and @miritiandes bring your protruding teeth here




Hakuna upungufu wa wajinga hii nchi yetu.

This Sugoi thief will be the biggest con that ever happened on +254.

@Abba ona hawa. :D:D:D

Jambasi and his ilk will hang themselves with their own ropes…

Jambas Nyayo kama hangeokota yeye early 90s saa hii angekuwa tapeli mkubwa sana huko Mulot.

What happened to the 4th estate of yonder? Are they just so lazy?

Don’t they do their due diligence? This does not even require investigative journalism.


I told you journalism should never be a career for anyone kusomea exclusively. Eti uko na degree ama diploma in journalism. Upuss kabisa. Let journalists be subject matter specialists in other areas hii waifanye kama hobby ama side hustle.

hii lazima ilikua idea ya Itumbi.

Announcing it as if the government is responsible for paying the “fees” for the free course.

kama mkenya hawezi soma bila kudanganywa na Arror, wacheni adanganywe.

Hehe… ati jambass angekuwa kingpin huko Mulot…

At least the one before him was just a Mlevi. Huyu yuko ikulu, hapana.

What did we as Kenyans do to deserve all this? :D:D:D

Our ancestors and forefathers must be really mad. Seething in anger.

On that stupid upcoming holiday on the 26th called Boxing Day :oops::rolleyes: makachieth I suggest we ALL pour libations to appease them to change our course in 2023. :D:D:D

Uliona jambass alisema alilipia kila mtu 100K asome for free?

Kenyans of all walks of life VOTED… they chose a known land grabber wife beater philanderer and accused murderer as their president…nakumbuka threads zilikuwa i kijiji for and against assmio and kino moja…I end up feeling sorry for my kid and Kenya

My goodness, chambazi sugu is taking advantage of poor, naive and desperate Kenyan youth to his advantage… its a matter of time mzito before ilipuke to his face.

You Juveniles are real Fools …

Those Courses are FREE Online …
Get it …???
F R E E …

Kweli …

i think jambas n his friends no longer know the difference btn lies n truts.


Tombweni vile mlitombwa round one :D:D:D:D