Jamals 1st wife on how hurt she was when she found out that her husband has married Amber Ray thru social media

Punda wives woiye, this is a man’s world. Talk about being pumped and dumped, ata afadhali that than mtu akuoe, akuzalishe then marry another woman behind your back, you find out through social media, where he gushes about her. Si ulcers zitakumaliza. How do you explain it to your kids? Alafu the guy is like Amber Ray changed my life. Hii dunia itaua punda wives na pressure.


This Jamal guy is an arse, it will soon dawn to him, that you cant make a hoe a housewife…

jamal ndio nani?

The 2nd wife was also someone’s second wife.
Looks like she’s specialized in that

Who is he?

Wacha afunzwe jiji

Chairman Matatu Owners Association

Second wives are lioness, they are there to mint from you and leave. Ride or die is for first wives. If you can’t maintain your second wife, she’s on to the next gravy train. They’re my role model. If a man can’t maintain you as a woman what are you still doing with him? If you lost what attracted him to you he’d have left you in a heartbeat. This is a smart girl, I understand the guy bought her a house in Hurligham. Good for her. Hakuna kudistribute vitu for free. If a man wants what you have lazima he pays for it. Nothing in life is free. For first wives who hustle with your husband from scratch be ware after kuomoka you will be tossed out like an old rug. The husband said he thanks the wife for sticking with him when he had only a boxer to his name, so this is how he repays her. Hustle for yourself and your kids never for a man bcz they are so ungrateful.

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Indeed from the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks, you just exposed yourself as a hoe.

Why? Because I don’t want women to give themselves to relationships with out anything in it for them? I think by now you knew my philosophy on male female relationships. You can see my avatar and I have advised women to listen to No romance without finance to deprogram themselves from one sided relationships where they get used by men.

OK. I am one. I accept. Kwani you think by using shaming tactics I will stop speaking the truth? I won’t. If as a man you have nothing better to offer me than what I already have, what am I doing with you? Letting you use me to build yourself only to do what this guy did? No thanks acha niitwe all manner of names but a man will never get anything out of me for free unless you are a chokora, an orphan or my blood relative. Meanwhile as the hoes like Amber Ray are bought for houses in Hurligham. The good women who struggled with the man to get to where he now is loaded enough for women to notice him are crying at radio stations.

The only thing a woman should give a man for free is poison. Not even a glass of water. Mwanamke ni gharama, if you have nothing to offer me. I also have nothing to offer you. Very simple. Nothing in life is free. It’s only men who expect to be given free things by women bcz of fools like this first Wife of Jamal Amira.


Her inbox is full wanawake wanapitia mengi


Next make a post on the number of men who have uplifted the women in their lives and later got dumped

I don’t understand the female vs male bile! You guys are overthinking and complicating a very simple natural situation haha…what is happening is nature and it does what it wants and it will win.find and do what makes you happy, enjoy the moment cos no one will get out of here alive.

Troll alert!

I know women will be the majority

make the post

Ist of all don’t know who these Ambers are…2nd of all I am a proud member of the 1st wives club. Wacha kwanza nifuate the ever popular mandazi recipe ya Mama Bear…today is the day I bake those things.

No more ordering coz it looks very doable. Kujia…



Si nilikwambia siku ingine you just may never know? Ile mshangao itakupiga siku moja itakupatia aneurism.

And before you interject, I will tell you this - you see the way y’all say with that ka wicked, knowing smile ati it’s only the mother who knows who the father of the child is? Well, guess what? It is only the misee who knows who his mikayi is #facts.

Worry not about the future. It is not ours to see…the past cannot be undone either…live for the present moment. This is the mantra I swear by. And if you have followed my sentiments on marriage, you would have picked up that nothing will ever shock me. I know what I am well capable of and that is all that matters. And as long as we co-parent in a civil manner I am good to go.

Lakini Nding’oing’o, I ‘know’ you as one who is never far away from chochea type of posts…and you are quite a few here. Vuruga vuruga vuruga anyone anything is your kind’a excitement. So shinda tuu hapo ukinitakia mabaya…:D:DAs long as one trusts in God, all will always be well.

In Greek we also say…[SIZE=1]‘tinie wambere kuhikiririo, gutire undu utare wonwo’ na unasonga…[/SIZE]


Spot on me yout’. Spot on!! :D:D