Jamal 3rd wife

Punda wives mutajionea with these men who you are so proud of. @Purple hebu come see what is happening to your fellow first wife. What is this guy upto, next utaskia he died under mysterious circumstances.


Will he die under mysterious circumstances or would you wish he died under mysterious circumstances.

Polygamy is allowed, even women can marry more than one husband if they feel like.

Why would I wish him dead? I am just saying that after scandals people have been known to die as rivals take advantage of the hostile situation.

If it’s good why all the drama? Not everything acceptable is beneficial. That’s what the Bible says. A good thing has good fruits. The fruits of polygamy are bitter.

Die why? Muslims are allowed 4 wives. 3 down, one to go. Pengine Kapote will be number 4.

Makena niaje?

Nimekosa kazi ya kufanya? If I can’t marry a divorcee, is it a moslem polygamist? Na jipende too much to put myself in such messes. The only Bwana I am willing to share is Jesus.

Is there anyone who has ever expressed a wish to marry you? Not many people can handle snakes.

Kapoti ulisema unanipatia mkia nigware siku gani

Ni we niliambia utume fare ama?

:D:D not me. Lakini unaweza kuja na yako I will refund.