Jamaican sprinters

Jamaican women takes 100m gold ,silver and bronze

No Jamaican men reached the finals ! Kenya was almost there , too bad their heat was abit slow !

Na how comes Jamaica athletes dont get caught doping na vile bangi imejaa kwao kama nyasi

Bangi kwao ndio mboga ya kuteremsha obusuma(ugali). You can’t ban food.

Their best runner Yohan Blake was trounced by our own Onwami- Omanyala.

Personally, Omanyala made me proud

And he failed to qualify for the final by just a fraction of a second.

An American athlete was last month suspended for using Cannabis…thus missing the Olympic games.
And many were left wondering because it’s assumed that The World's Best Athletes Smoke Weed. Here's Proof. What Now?

Hao sio wajinga like the American sprinter kuvuta bangi close to olympic trials.