Jamaican Owner of Vacation Rental Company Says No More Black American Guests. NIABM Everywhere

The Jamaican owner of the Rustic Mountain Living rental company shocked social media by saying she wouldn’t allow any more short-term stays. The reason? She’s fed up with the alleged misbehavior of Black American guests.
In a TikTok video, “The Barefoot Mountain Lady,” said she doesn’t believe all Black Americans are ill-mannered, but most of the ones she hosted were entitled, unappreciative and generally disrespectful in her presence.

[SIZE=6][COLOR=rgb(184, 49, 47)]She said she only EVER had two mannerly Black American guests.[/SIZE]

The most eyebrow-raising statement was toward the end. The owner claimed Black Americans are spoiled and expect the same “free sh*t” in Jamaica they supposedly get at home.

In the video, the woman does errands on her grounds, wades in the sea, and seems completely unbothered.
Unsurprisingly, the woman’s announcement sparked a firestorm of criticism.


People accused her of perpetuating dangerous, offensive stereotypes about Black Americans.

Others questioned the wisdom of making such a declaration on a public platform seemingly without a second thought. They also wondered how she can work in the hospitality industry and be so inhospitable.

On Twitter, one user said the owner was parroting white supremacist talking points about Black Americans. But to them, it was more comical than offensive.

Some asked for clarification on the freebies point. “I’d like to receive my free things, please!” wrote one woman. “Is there a newsletter?”

After one potential guest criticized the negative energy, The Barefoot Mountain Lady said, “You don’t have to come here.”

Another user gave the owner advice in the form of a Jamaican proverb: “Anno everything good fi eat, good fi talk,” meaning “some things are better left unsaid.”

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