Jamaa amepelekwa mbio na baby mama kama nduthi imeibiwa.Ordered to pay child 813k in support


A daily dose of reminder that
1.MGTOW =freedom.
2.Don’t dip in crazy
3.The state always ruthlessly protects women in such disputes
4.This guy is effectively a slave for the next decade and a half.

:D:D Womyn are so scornful. Utapata hiyo nugu can only afford 50k per month lakini inaambiwa ilipie mtoto school fees Hillcrest.

Or even out of hio 813k only 50k ndio itandea mtoto. The rest ni kukula na her toyboys pale 1824

This jamaa is a fool.

Hehehe kumbe izi vitu hu-happen? Child support in kenya???

Amejipangia retirement mapema :D:D .

So tuseme this guy is supposed to pay 10M a year in child support until the kid reaches adulthood? Si huyo jamaa atajinyonga?

Hizo ni arrears. Kid is 3 if I’m not wrong

That explains it. I was wondering nani anaweza itisha au kulipa such a huge sum monthly.

1/3 salo gone like puff!..

Hapo ndio inabidi you fake your death manze!

Swali ni how do you nut on such crazy bitches? Take your time fellas, don’t plant your seeds by the road side

Women are great actors when you dump them that’s when their craziness comes out.


Kwanza if they see that you are happy without them and prospering, it triggers something within them. Ogopeni wanawake!

Crazy women tend to have some crazy cat. Lakini wraping your johnson is always the way to go.

this is where you wish ungetumia condom

By 2025, MGTOW will be mainstream… You just wait and see…

Women are abusing the system, and men are keeping count… A war of the sexes by 2030…

MGTOW homosexuals kazi yenyu ni recruitment