Jama Amepata Bibi

In S. Sudan, the taller and man-like face a woman has, the more she fetches in cows

And then the creators decide to have some fun…mbilikimo ingine inazaliwa iko brown kama @M2Random no dis!

I wonder if …never mind.

Wow she’s really tall!

Everything is right about this frame. It really brings me joy to see an African man uniting with a Diva from the Nile.

Not some white…ho… bundles Zime Isha

Too tall. I guess she’s probably between 6’7 - 6’9. I myself aint that tall. I am 6’4.

My young sis

Mmmmh!..are you thinking of what am thinking?.. Eeeh! Down there!?

Huyu anaeza sema ako na coomer ya ghorofa.

hio kienyeji iko sawa , mimi natomba but siwes toa hizo ngombe mia tano


It’s worthwhile to sample one …
I recall an interesting “escapade” some time ago in Eldoret …
They are super “tight” although not at all skilled in bedroom “arts”…
Their community regards Sex as just a tool for procreation. …

Sneaky way of throwing in your height eh