Jalang'o very quickly commiting political suicide. Mtu apigie huyu kijana simu!

It has been known throughout history, in politics, you live in a rented house and his is Orange!

He’ll be nominated under UDA or given a CAS post. Just something! He already has his snout in the trough. He gotta be a real loser for the gravy train to stop in 2027…

saa zingine you dont have to be noisy. You lose nothing by shutting your mouth

It’s good calculation.

The question is,… what will he bring to UDA… his base supporters who put him in office are anti UDA.

He’s a natural born clown

100%…He thinks politics is a comedy but he’s wrong.

Si lazima afuate Baaaba blindly. Amedemonstrate independence ya mind.

one term MP but he can become very rich akijipanga na his new govt alliance

Just like Ababu Namwamba. A well-fed monkey can’t see beyond its stomach.
He should be positioning himself to get a piece of the Luo nation pie once Raila expires in 2 years, but he lacks the cognitive agility to see that far ahead in the future.

Baba successor

I listened to his interview on TV. He is right in what he’s doing. It’s a set up. Ruto is playing politics with him. Raila tells him to boycott meeting Ruto, then subsidies for kids meal program in his county are with-held by the government. So are other county programs financed by the government. They then hold a meeting with county residents and say, mnaona, your leader is not here. He doesn’t care.

Hii siasa aki,so the govt owes him kids food for as long as he sings to their tune.
KK imeturudisga zile siku za KANU when regions that had their allegiance to the party benefited from govt cake.
Ata RiggyG aliwakumbusha serikali iko na wenyewe

More of a court jester

And the answer is exactly what akina Gumbo are bringing to the table - perception. Perception is everything in politics, and Praying Mandis seems to understand it.


Unlike u he knows when to quit.

Grab them nabiis money, then return to Radio and Youtube

Ajipange aweke pesa ya kutosha kando

They say a week is a long time in politics. Jalango has time to reinvent himself. Lakini if he ends up believing ati sijui akuwe nominated to some post in future, then he must be really clueless.

Ababu has had a pretty great career, 2 time MP, CAS, and now CS. He still young enough to go back to elective politics once baba is dead, which is soon. For now, he can use his position to cut deals and accumulate giant political war chest, without hungry villagers from budalangi constantly banging at his door with with their begging bowls… Jalango has made the same calculation.