Jalango apologizes to wife by buying her a range rover

How insulting.


Fake news

The ladies you always advice think otherwise si uliwaambia watafute wanaume wako na pesa :D:D:D:D:D:D

Yes I do because broke ass men are even worse cheaters than wealthy men because they have low self esteem. Let’s not lie to women that poor men make better more faithful partners, that’s a lie from the pit of hell. Poor men are the worst afadhali hata ukae single, they’re also the most abusive and violent bcz they’re financially and economically frustrated. Any man who is less wealthy than a woman he’s seeing secretly resents and hates her for the constant reminder that he’s not man enough to provide for her and fully take his role as a man in the relationship of being a provider. I have interacted with wealthy and not so wealthy people take it from me poverty does not improve anyone’s character. I don’t know why broke men want to glorify poverty and vilify men who have money. Poor men are the worst partners and the worst cheaters. So please ladies avoid men who are not at your social economic level or higher. Take it from me that even if their fortunes improve poverty related character traits will follow them. When you do something wrong you don’t try to buy a person’s forgiveness. It cheapens the apology. Gifts are not meant to appease people they’re meant to appreciate people. Comprende? Don’t abuse and misuse gifts. When you give someone a gift when they are mad at you that’s not a gift, it’s a bribe.

Fake news

Hope that Ranger Rover will be parked in a house that Jalango owns.

Didn’t know he already owns a Bentley. Nice.