Jakon runs to SA as Nabii is kissing and caressing Nyanza

TODAY in Johannesburg, the Rt. Hon @RailaOdinga held a consultative meeting with the Hon @LindiweSisuluSA, the South African Minister for Tourism. He was accompanied by Migori Senator @oketchgicheru

Raila and ruto will work together with mudavadi to cripple the kikuyus hold on politics.

Madvd is a Luzzar, but you are right.

Luo + Luyha + Kalenjins + Kamba
That would be interesting to watch

Dont be surprised. They have a long history of working together. Ni vile wakikuyu have been outsmarting them all these years.




Why are we so obsessed with tribes\tribal arithmetic, we may soon be eating GMO, yet God in his Goodness and Wisdom gave us a country capable of producing high quality food that can feed the entire region.

How about counting the Nations potential for progress; human values, well-being, development…… One takes the view that if people have a reasonable quality of life no one would bother about tribes, let us work towards or advocate to achieve those outcomes.

Tame your expectations. You are dealing with single digit IQ human beings.

This post was about current political realignments. How did it end up about African gray matter. It’s because of that defeated and deranged and deluded and neurotic @Ndindu who has captured Ktalk where he permanently duels on African nature determined to make them hate themselves

WHAAAAAT Pray He could HE be Discussing with the Minister of Tourism of South Africa?
Why isn’t anyone asking that question?
On what capacity…How does he just fly out the country, look for a tourism minister and just talk?
The Old Man is a Kenyan citizen, with no portfolio…Ata minister was SA anakubali kukaa chini an eye ju ya?
Isnt this either the height of idleness or a case of wastage of resources, cluelessness, waste of time etc

They could have met on his way to the urinal, and his communication team spinned it.

Wewe pambana na hali yako.

Lindiwe sisulu is an inlaw of luos. Her late husband, Prof Rok Ajulu, was a very good friend to Rao, nyongo and orengo so hawa wanaongea tu mambo ya familia…you can even see the set up is very informal…tulia.

Raila ameenda kukula wale yellow yellow was SA, Naskiaga wanajiita msanzi ama? Wale wa porn, nichanueni