Jakom for President

What if we gave the old man a chance at the presidency? Can baba fix this country ama ni ndoto tu.

I’m just a guy from Othaya, Nyeri but even I would be willing to cast my vote for Jakom if he could fix this country.


He would be using considerable amount of money as subsidy for fuer unlike JSKS who diverted the subsidies to his personal use of globetrotting and matching suits and socks .
If fuer was still 172.98 kshs like during the subsidy era ,hustlers would still be breathing.
Since Jaruos value food like nonsense,am sure jakuom would flood the market with cheap imported food ,even if it hurts few fat Meno nje farmers we won’t care as long as the 90% the rest of us are Okey .
Lastly jakuom is too old to cling to power , before he changes the constitution he would be dying of old age disease unlike the energetic ambitious JSKS .
Jakuom doesn’t go around spreading okeddd since he is old therefore even if it’s not important for the economy,it’s important to control some immuno maladies for a healthy nation.
Am sure hawkers would still be hawking their wares bila kusumbuliwa . I don’t think the excess misinformed taxation would have been effected.

If baba would have taken over, he would have pursued policies similar to uhuru meaning dollar would be 100, fuer 120 bob, unga 90 bob and no extra taxes. Saa hii the kk thugs have borrowed trillions more than uhuru and there is nothing to show for it, no roads, hospitals, dams etc, only multimillion villas in Dubai and immense suffering for kenyans.

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Yes, continue yawning ukikamuliwa na chambass JSKS.

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My DNA says I was rich before the earth it’s self.

Serikali iko chonjo wewe Acha siasa. Cake ni yetu.

The first order of things from Agwas the Enigma would be to undo all that Jambasi has done… that will take Two terms for us to see any fruits… since Kenya is in ICU.

Rao is too old, he would rule through proxies and almost all of them are thugs ongeza arrogance ya njaruo proxies. Ona alshabab Junet vile alikuwa amekuwa na kiburi hio miezi sita Uhuru Ali share na RAO

Kenya would be worse under anyone above 80 years since our systems are shit. The USA is working under a senile fool because they have working systems .

Ruto is not good but at least we can hold him accountable for several decades


The president, mimi iko na swali? Wewe ni mutu ya chama gani


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Mimi ni free agent, mercenary Wagner Blackwater :joy::joy::joy:

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From your posts, it’s evident you didn’t get rich using your head., you kanu- era thief.

Bandit is Biwott’s grandson anatumia pseudo account

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