We are working in some area and in the up and downs, one day I counted close to thirty pikis. In all this pikis, the common denominator was hunting dogs. On inquiry, these guys spare every Wednesday to go out hunting. They have these ‘trained’ dogs and whoever catches a good kill for the day is the winner and has the most fierce dog. This is a cycle where they try to outdo each other.

The other interesting bit, was some story shared by the same fellas who also happen to be involved in the fishing industry. These guys tend to label/ name their boats after ladies as a means of flattering them, though in some instances they may name after their grandmas though from what I garnered it was rare. By flattering, it means the lady (beauty in the village) who has a boat named after her, will be the first to welcome the boat and any other person has to wait until she takes her share be it omena, folo, wiu and many other interesting names. After she takes her portion, malipo ni baadaye where she has to return the favor through the ‘cape of good hope’, sorry can’t stand calling that c****er word.
To me all this was a culture shock, has anyone come across such…
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Mnyama gani hio imeshikwa last pic?

Swara, most kills zilikuwa sungura na swara. But hata ukiskia kills, nilicheki majority walirudi mikono kavu na ile sungura wanagwa a team of even upto 6, which made me wonder the cost effectiveness of the erxercise


kwani huko hakuna game warter?

Huku hakuna gover, ni areas fulani around Sakwa (sounds familiar huh??) na Usenge where we have lots of virgin lands with shrubs all over

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Yaani badala ya watu walime mahindi na waru kazi ni kuwinda vile tulikuwa tunafanya 1956 tukiwa ihii? Oh, wait…


They should be reported to the nearest KWS.

Hapo Usenge ni familiar kwa msenge @Jirani

Kwani huko hamna KWS??

Yaani mtu ana pesa ya kununua fikifiki ya kubeba mongerel ikawinde sungura? What do they do during the non hunting days? Train the mongerels?

Wonders never cease…


:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D watu wa baba @Nattydread leta matusi hapa . ile midget shepart ya @introvert huko inge pikwa kama stew .


I think they do this because the Jubilee gavament has marginalised them. Only when Raila takes over will the gavament teach them how to dig holes in the ground to plant maize (and to build latrines). I think.

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Ile matusi itateremka hapa si machieso.


here they dig ‘holes’ but za ajua na binadamu. Polygamy is at 13% region na unapata the primary male kazi ni ajua kwa centre na ana bibi odd number. They have this belief that lazima uwe na an odd number of wives so that they cannot gang against the primary male. Note, widows are quite a significant proportion tu.


I’d bet they do it mostly for fun, not for economic reasons tho. I might be wrong.
Nilikuwa wira pia hizo area early 2014, ulicross hiyo side ingine ya Got Agulu where una cross road na kuna lake both sides, place looks very good


@introvert AJUA ilinishinda kucheza kapsaaaa

KWS vitu gani swara ni mbuzi tu inaishi msituni


Ajua sijui kucheza.
Lakini najua kuhunt :D:D
Na kubeba Sheppart kwa nduthi.


Stale jokes, CHIETH


Kale ka-fluffy kako katawindwa na hizo mongrels, DFHKM kakuzalie fuku.

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