Jaime Namulema

Jaime Namulema …
She is from Kololo , Kampala …:smiley:










A guy who has a collection of these pics ni wacker ([SIZE=2]sijataga mtu[/SIZE])

Mama yangu!

I refuse to believe this is the best Uganda can offer…

Where does it say its the best. Umeingia kololo kwanza ndio ujue ranking ya hii mzoga?. Id say its the best out of kololo

Uganda tunaenda kutafuta kinembe sio matako!!

What I like with Ugandan girls is only two things the long clits and the awesome anal period.

ni mama yako !?

Yes ni mama ya ankle

Nothing but just another slightly below average midget for a ugandan…

Looks like the type that nags… oh drive slow, oh tuma 2k

Siwezimind kulipa 3k

Oh my!

I can pay 7k whole night anal inclusive

Geh comment

Kenyan or Ugandan Shillings … ??? :D:p

Kenyan sir

You must be one starved fellow… hehehe


Thats a beautiful lady figure hiko tight