Jaguars day in court

MUSICIAN Jaguar charged with careless driving leading to deaths of 2 people in Sagana; he’s been freed on Sh50,000 bond.

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Money and being nearer to uthamaki can take you places


Kenyans are corrupt to the core. We all know he was not driving when the accident happened.


Kenya ina wenyewe… two lives lost.

50k is a finger in the ass to the victims


Corruption in judiciary has brought Kenya down. No faith justice system.


50k only ???


bibi yangu kigeugeu
pastor wangu kigeugeu
mkunga kigeugeu
wanasiasa vigeugeu
rafiki yangu kigeugeu
fundi wangu kigeugeu
dereva, kigeugeu
conductor, kigeugeu…


Jaguar always singing about social injustice in his songs, yet he is the first one to bend the law when the chance arises


Na mimi, kigeugeu!


Sure, a finger and a needle

Bend is the key word

Kenyans amaze me: I find it funny that some talker hates Jaguar because of how Jaguar presents himself. Cannot remember which one.

I am not saying that whoever was driving the range is innocent, but I feel that there’s a VERY HIGH POSSIBILITY that the nduthi rider may have been on the wrong. But because accident scenes involving nduthis elicit more sympathy for the nduthi riders and their passengers for obvious reasons, then the driver is OBVIOUSLY guilty.


I thought they said the nduthi guys were parked on the side of the road, and the range lost control.

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Terrible, just terrible.

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Surely why blame the judiciary here yet that’s the furthest they could stretch within the law. Fingers should be pointed to those charged with investigating/prosecuting because first of all I understand evidence was seriously tampered with. Am even told it aint jaguar who was behind the wheel. Now tell me, how is judiciary supposed to override evidence presented before it

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Mnajua BOND ni nini?

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While it may sound sacrilegious, I am very reluctant to believe nduthi riders. As things stand, there are over three versions of what happened. One claims the two road users were going in opposite directions. Yours is about the rider and his passenger being stationary at the roadside, and there’s still a third one claiming the bike was hit from behind. Initially, it had been claimed that the nduthi guy was joining the road from a junction. How to deal?

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Took the words right out of my finger tips!

Its like we are dealing with fucking ignoramuses here.

No one is saying he is innocent. He is only out on fucking bond!