Jaguar ni Takataka

By Moses Kuria

Copied and Pasted

It is time that Kenya flexes it’s muscle as a regional power. We continue to lose lives of our soldiers and civilians as well as billions of dollars trying to prop a ‘weak and almost stateless’ Somalia. KDF has been there for a decade. We continue to host hundreds of thousands of Somalia nationals in Dadaab Refugee Camp, Kenya’s 6th largest unofficial county. All the ruling elites in the ‘weak and near stateless’ Somalia have luxury homes in Kenya and businesses in Eastleigh. Yet, weak and near stateless Somalia has the temerity and audacity to grab 40% of Kenya’s territorial space through their self imposed map of territorial waters, file the case at the International Court of Justice at The Hague and go ahead to start hawking oil exploration blocks in the very disputed waters. The Presidents of Somalia and the ICJ are both dual Somalia and Norwegian nationals. Most of the oil blocks in out grabbed waters have been hawked to Norwegian companies . We spent decades helping the South Sudanese in their useless battles and almost donated Kalonzo Musyoka to them. What did we get? Zero share in their oil-Uganda got all of it-, our citizens are killed daily as Juba keeps a studious silence, while our business people have close to US $ 2 Billion stuck there in a useless Sudan currency without Forex to repatriate. We can’t have a repeat in Somalia. We need to ban Norwegian lackey President Farmaajo from ever setting foot in Kenya and Eastleigh, move the Dadaab refugee camp to Kismaayo, build the long delayed wall and then move the KDF to our side of the wall and leave Farmaajo to partition his country between him and Al Shabaab. As for our territorial waters, NOT AN INCH LESS

Agreed. Ni kipii sana.