Jaguar & Babu Owino Fist fight

Madaktari wa unga wanapigana?


I see one of them hiding behind another person. Judge for yourself who is hiding.

jaguar amearibu bet yangu

Sasa wanapigana sababu mmoja anasema uhuru is a caretaker president raila is the president. Hawa mashosholite mps ni wazimu

Jaguar ni mautete…


I think it’s just me but Jaguar ananikalianga an overweight retard.

:D:D:D Jaguar hapa ananiangusha, and the way i thought he was level headed. Kijana mdogo kama Babu unamwacha tu apige kelele
And for those saying Babu atamalizwa you dont know what you are saying…Do you think Raila’s people would finish Kuria?their nuisance value (in politics) is treasured by both their political enemies and friends

Jaguar ni mtoi Wa NBC

NBC ni nini?


nairobi business community

Guys thought voting for young politicians would be of benefit , they go get caught up in The dirty alleys the other scams have been in.
Kenyan politics is idiotic , only stupid people get involved .

The good thing with the younger guys is that they are fighting with their fellow leaders whenever they fail to agree, the same cannot be said about the older generation who prefer Kenyans fighting on their behalf.

It isn’t the first fisticuffs in parliament, men there regularly sort it out the old fashioned way when being diplomatic fails.

Kuna vita zingine zilipiganwa parliament during Nyayo error by kina Mwenje. It was really ugly.

I remember Mwenje taking some bite of Kajwang those days.

Stephen Ndichu also fought Murathe.

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