Jaguar at 480k

Deal or no deal?


That model has industrial defect on the gearbox.

Hii ni backyard ornament unanunua

Most guys will just think its an old mtumba Toyota. Ishapitwa na wakati to make heads turn.

utaimba kikamba

Useless junk. Would rather buy a Toyota NZE.

Can serve a person with deep pockets to take care of it. Take it to the authorised dealers for servicing and import genuine parts. Nice solid ride to make a man look different from the Toyota, Nissan, Subaru, and Honda battalion.

YOM lazima iwe early 2000s…kataa?

480k that’s too expensive. the number of little bits and pieces that need fixing on that car are just too many to ask for that kind of money given that there is nothing outstanding about the car.

You are better off buying a Chinese land wind than getting that…

Inakaa Hyundai

Hapo unaeza shika mtu ako na nostalgia from that era. I personally grew up admiring this car so much, so mimi naweza kamatwa. But I know the amount of repairs that would be needed on that car, I’d rather go for a true classic car from the 80s and below then fix that up

So if hyundai copies Mercedes you’ll claim the Mercedes looks like a Hyundai. Wah! :oops:

East Africa’s largest economy has some ugly number plates,even a shithole like S.Sudan has outdone us[ATTACH=full]321542[/ATTACH]

si kabaya hiyo bei lakini verify the big stuff engine, transmission na gearbox

Mii naeza nunua lakini niweke engine ya probox

Hii Gari iko na horrible reviews from handling to comfort,i would rather go for a Toyooda for the same price

Yaani Toyota can be compared with anything? Please don’t be a fool