Jadav Garden Tigoni

I love this small gems unknown to the public. They treat each customer as gold.


Good mbirrionaires get away

If you’re going to publicize a joint, weka price list.
We are not all birrionares so lazima tuulize bei ndiyo tufanye budget.
Ama namna gani my friend?

Umelipisha hao mbesha ngapi and this is a wrong market target,you expect a talker to sample that place ?


Not really, for 5000 you can treat a family of 4 to lunch and it will he memorable. Its all about priority. Some will spend 10000 a weekend to rave, bet or some hobby. The same can be spent on a day roadtrip here with family and you will all be happy.

You might find it is not very expensive. Lakini @spear weka prices hata kama ni za chakula pekee.

Have the finished repairing banana-limuru road?
Last time I passed there was a very potholed secshen.

Mimi naona kuko na market for this place.
Kenya is more than Safari and watching animals under the scorching sunshine and extreme heat.

Hii concept appeals to me juu I would like to show my kids where tea comes from plus the greenery and serenity of the place na hizo camping facilities really caught my attention.
Lakini bado niko na kiuliso @spear!??..
Bei ni Ngapi???..
Plus security iko how?
I know Tigoni is posh lakini a reassurance would go a long way.

Hii uKenya ya trying to sell something while avoiding mentioning the true cost is a deal breaker when you’re used to straight forward marketing where the price is upfront,fixed and non negotiable.
Just saying!..

It’s was done and it became did! Iko nyweeeeeew…

Good one spear.

cc @Charley Flani…
Come and see. How is your pocket doing? remember I told you siendi Kentmere to listen to crickets and frogs croaking?mimi niko sawa na lunch huku. We can go dutch/halves.

KB Tigoni is quite safe. You can also take the kids for a guided tour to a tea factory name escapes but I can find it. It is owned by wakina JB Karugu. You book in advance, pay a small fee, and then you buy very nice tea hapo nje. It is amazing as you watch the tea come in as leaves in baskets…you follow the whole tour mpaka when it is packaged. I took our brats…the older ones were so impressed and took loads of piks and bought a lot majani to bring to their friends whilst showing them the piks, the younger ones got bored along the way and cited all those ‘headache manenos’. Alafu as you drive up you can stop by the roadside and speak to the ones chunaring the majani and they will allow your kids to give it a go. BTW most are Kales. As you drive back to Tao pls promote the area by buying cabbage and other stuff in bulk…mjazee boot. Okey?

Then take kina xx to the hospital where aunt Shosho was born. Hapo Nazareth.

WORD: Tipping is not a town in China. You must give kitu kidogo even to the good tour guide.

My kind of holiday!
Just put ideas for next summer’s holiday .
I think I told you how my little boy told me that there is no food in Africa that is why we eat ugali!.. kikikikkkk
This little brainwashed niggaz need to see the other side of Africa before we lose them to the system.

Iko nyweee it actually need some bumps

Okay since you don’t want to call them directly then let me share what I know.

Its not a walk in so you call to book in advance, its not so big so they don’t want people to travel all the way and find it full. They specialize on events but can accommodate individual customers. Food is buffet, adults 1500 per person and children 750 per person. That’s why I mentioned 5000 lunch would be good. Soda/water like most restaurant is 100. I don’t drink will with family so I didn’t get to know the prices but I doubt if a beer would be more than 250 and I have no clue of their whiskey or vodka prices. Security is good labda wewe ndio ulete insecurity. Its new and they are learn as they go but its a beautiful place. Within a month this place will be raving.

Yes you told me:D…he is funny!comes up with crazy things. Chip of the old block? they need to see Africa. I am telling you the guy who took us for the tour was so well informed and his knowledge of science and how it all happens was mind boggling and captivating. He kept telling me that he is going for drinks in Limuru wakimaliza job(Sato) and I know that means ‘toa’ or do you want to come along;). I was v impressed so nilitoa pesa(kando) but made sure everyone that made us feel so welcome knew nimechota.

When you plan your journey that way …nitafute…I prolly will be there next summer. Then twende our shambas. I think I have told you about our trip to Fort Jesus and Old Town Momba. If I died right now, our brats will remember me for some stuff that their parents have no interest in.

Its good, the rehabilitation was completed.


Nimejibu hapo juu, wewe najua utaenda huku.