Jadakiss - Why --Party To Death Still Not Popping!!

I remember this song as a seemingly scathing indictment on myself. I was on a decent payroll drinking blind as my peers navigated University Way and Thika Road/Kahawa Sukari with rocks in hand during the campus days.
0:25 to 0:30: Why do
I would sing to myself in the spirit of nursing the hangover still lingering from 2 days prior!!! One thing saved my life; I had not figured out the notion of kutoa lock; otherwise I would have died!
As UON students conglomerated around the Uhuru Highway and University Way under the aegis of
along with his then PA, ni PASSARIS, AMA SAPARIS, AMA SURUALI???
He has a vast expanse of expertise in belligerence, such as; hurling 200Kg rocks at Anniversary Towers, along with other major buildings in that area, with reserves all capable of hurling projectiles ranging between 1 and 5000Kg/5tonnes by hand; his team was formidable!!!
During that era, as the rocks were getting hurled, I was on a payroll, which in hind sight was not the best of thing s to happen at that age, and busy purchasing all the wrong beverages, before formatting the brain every weekend with copious amounts of Hennessy/Courvoisier. Kenya is blessed at that age, many don’t yet have sufficient flow of cash to fry their brains fully before their 4 years of tertiary education are done. Can you imagine the persona of campus age kids, and all with the correct cash flows at about age 20!!! A good number have, but thankfully many don’t, and thus they get to graduate , and thereafter drink to stupor upon being rewarded as a kanjo!


"Why they let the Terminator win the election, come on pay attention "

enyewe Jada got lines

I concur 100%. I then was in California, and it was during the CA crisis, upon the conclusion of which, the then incumbent, I believe Gov. Gray Davis or something, got Shanghaied right out of office via a referendum, that had “Commando”, the Governator, take the helm in California.

For an even more proficient king of lines, let us not forget our good ol


You’re Doing Hoe Activities,
With Hoe Tendencies,
Hoes Are Your Friends,
Hoes Are Your Enemies,
With Hoe Energy,
To Do What You Do,
And Blew What You Blew,
And Screw What You Screw,

And Why Do You Think You Take A Hoe To A Hotel?
Hotel Ere’body,
Reach Up To The Sky For The Hoe Zone Layer,

Come On Player,
Once A Hoe Always,
And Hoes Never Close,
They Open Like Hoe Ways,
So Here Is A Whole Hoe Cake,
For Your Whole Hoe Crew,
And Everybody Wants Some,
Coz Hoez Gotta Eat Too!!!

You Hoez Are Horrible,
On Taxes You Writing Off Hoez as Dependents!!!

You The Hoe,
Mo’Thr Fcker I ain’t No Hoe,
Your Mama A Hoe,
Mo’thr F’ckera,
I am So Tired Of Y’all Niggaz Talking,
Hoe This,
Hoe That,
You The Mo’thr F’cking Hoe Nigga,
I Wasn’t A Hoe Last Night,
Bring Your Arse,
OK, Hold On…


This song was very highly, what in Reggae, what they would posit as,“conscious music!”

Why a nigga always want what he can’t have?

That’s my go-to song nikichoka na upus ya politricks


Interesting…never even heard that song good poetic wisdom imbued within though…somewhere in the midst of the mayhem wrought by…“It’s Your Birthday”… “21 Questions” …“By Your Side”…actually let me play By Your Side, that was one I liked…the inebriation levels those days was epic! nilitaja hapa my ignorance of “kutoa lock” procedures saved my life back then!
Somewhere in Okinawa we happened upon some “apartment” occupied by some “Aussie High School English Teachers”, closer to what you might "Mini-MILFs"today, and the evening was instructive, for, not only did we not learn any English from the English teachers, neither group scarcely could utter a single word of that they claimed to purvey to younger souls by Day, by dawn!!!