Jacque Maribe to face murder charge.

Also knife from her kitchen also taken for further examination. More here:


[SIZE=7]Maribe to face murder charge[/SIZE]
Oct. 06, 2018, 9:00 am
By KAMORE MAINA @kamoremaina
https://www.the-star.co.ke/sites/default/files/styles/new_full_content/public/articles/2018/10/06/1826399.jpg?itok=uj5WFISsJournalist Jacky Maribe at Kilimani Police Station after being grilled following the arrest of her Fiance Joseph Irungu over the Murder of business lady Monica Kimani in Nairobi on September 27,2018. Photo/ENOS TECHE

Citizen TV news anchor Jacque Maribe and her fiance Joseph Irungu will both be charged with the murder of businesswoman Monica Kimani, Police have confirmed.
Maribe has been implicated in the gory murder by her conduct and association with prime suspect Irungu aka “Jowie”.
Her charges emanate from what Police describe as illegal handling of a firearm after a 9mm live bullet was recovered in her bedroom. The ammo was linked to a gun which belongs to her neighbor, Brian Kasaine, that Jowie allegedly used to shoot himself but later claimed he was shot at by unknown people.
DCI George Kinoti told the Star yesterday that evidence gathered by the investigators so far reveals that Maribe was indirectly linked to Monica’s murder.
“We know that she helped Irungu cover up the offence by burning the clothes that he wore when he committed the crime.”
"We also have evidence pointing to her involvement in the crime, " the chief sleuth said without elaborating on the evidence in his custody.
Section 222 of the Penal Code states that “Any person who becomes an accessory after the fact to murder is guilty of a felony and is liable to imprisonment for life.”
The Citizen TV reporter and Irungu, who is being held at Muthaiga Police Station, have been described as prime suspects in the gruesome murder.
Maribe’s lawyer, Katwa Kigen, was surprised that the Police had decided to prefer a murder charge against her.
“We believe that the Police have got it wrong. But since they have made that decision, we will fight this charges in court,” said Kigen.
Irungu was last week presented before Kiambu Senior Principal Magistrate Stella Atambo, who allowed Police to hold him at Gigiri Police Station for 10 days as investigations continue.
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Police are expected to produce him in court on Tuesday where he will be charged, probably alongside Maribe.
Yesterday Kinoti dismissed claims that Maribe recorded the initial statement under duress because she had been threatened by her boyfriend.
“Days after she helped Irungu destroy the evidence, she did not report the incident until Police arrested her. Why” We believe she was part of the cover up,” Kinoti said.
He added: “The best she can get in this is a plea bargain and that is if she is willing and ready to tell the truth.”
Another investigator who spoke of claims of Maribe being under duress told the Star that she has never given any reason why she had recanted her initial statement in which she claimed Irungu was shot by thugs.
“It does not seem to make a lot of sense that someone who was under threat of life could wake up, go to work and continue with her life as normal without reporting to any authority,” said the officer on condition of anonymity.
Businessman Brian Kassaine, a mutual friend and neighbour of Irungu and Maribe at Royal Park Estate in Lang’ata, Nairobi, is also in police custody on suspicion that he could be an accomplice.

According to the investigators, Irungu may have used his gun in an alleged attempted suicide and Kassaine hid it in his ceiling. He has told the police that the he gave Irungu the gun without bullets because Irungu told him that he wanted to go to the shooting range to practice.
Langata Police have also recommended that Irungu be charged with attempted suicide.
Kiambu Principal Magistrate Justus Kituku on Monday allowed Police to detain Maribe for 11 days. She will be produced in court on Thursday next week.
Both Irungu and Maribe have in statements recorded with the Police denied any involvement in the September 21 murder of Monica, whose body was found in her apartment in Kilimani, Nairobi.
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Murder is a capital offence that requires the prosecution to prove the case beyond reasonable doubt in court and Kinoti believes he has enough evidence.
Director of Public Prosecutions Noordin Haji will review the file to determine if the evidence is adequate to support the charges before issuing consent to prosecute.
“The file will be with the DPP this weekend for his review," said an investigating officer from the Directorate of Criminal Investigations.
Monica Nyawira was killed in a gruesome manner. Her throat had been slit open and her hands and legs tied with ropes in a bathtub running with water. Police say the scene of crime indicated she could have been tortured before being murdered.
After the postmortem, the family said she had also been raped.
Early this week, Maribe distanced herself from Irungu as she fought off possible prosecution. She recanted her earlier statement to Police explaining how Irungu was shot. The retraction, Police say, was expected to let her off the hook to become a prosecution witness against Irungu.
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In her latest statement recorded on Tuesday, Maribe demolished the explanation by Irungu that he was shot by criminals on a motorbike while the two were driving home on the night of September 20.
Earlier, in a self-recorded statement to Kilimani DCI, Maribe detailed how she and her Irungu were trailed by gunmen, whom she claimed shot Irungu.
A similar report had been filed at the Lang’ata Police station by Maribe and Irungu, blaming the motorbike criminals for the shooting.

Maribe who is the devil incarnate wants to play innocent after aiding the death of another human being…

Hata aki hepa hi kesi Mungu ata mpiga kiboko…

Solution: Firing squad in the wide glare of the public

Ok. Irungu definitely did it and looks like Maribe was involved. But what was the motive? This is a wierd case… With Obado, there is a clear motive but with this case, I cant quite put my finger on it…

Exactly what I keep saying. I hope someone sings.
They say what the plan was, who orchestrated it and why, then what went wrong that led to the errors and arrests.
Looks like a story to be told for years to come.

Same thoughts here.

HUYU KINOTI SI TUNAWEZA MUAMBIA AANGALIE ILE SUICIDE YA ROBERT OUKO na accident ya pio gama pinto na homicide ya JJ Kariuki ?

The thing that baffles many is how she calmly read the breaking news of the murder with zero emotion knowing too well she was involved.
That’s a cold blooded biatch.

remember Merton and his unintended consequences?

Money. si walipatwa na pesa na kibeti kwa maribe. what else? Hiyo pesa labda si ata nusu ya yenye walichukua.

How do you know she was involved?

the two love birds we straining to keep up, on one person income. most probably they knew Monica modus operandi, and knew she had some mullah for her B-Day party, maybe Jackie couldn’t stand to see Monicah shine.

But how much money can a kibeti hold? And police would have mentioned the money motive but they also seem to be looking for a motive.

when people become love birds they become bird-brained too?

they had her money and personal effects in the name of the kibeti. si naskia ilikuwa na $60,000. people kill for less. and most probably the money was split those days they were out there. i think police are just trying to connect maribe to the murder since she wasnt at the scene. irungu’s case is obviously tight.

Ok. Lets suppose she had money in the house. From what I can piece together, Irungu and Monica were lovers. It looks like Irungu was like a side squeeze for monica. Now since they had a relationship at that level, it wouldnt have been too hard to stage a robbery i.e. Irungu am sure would have been able to cut a key without her knowing, take her out somewhere like coasto for a few days or wherever and have someone steal mullah from the apartment. Why slaughter her like an animal?

She deserves what she’s getting!!!

he probably wouldnt steal from monica and live. Remember she is not a straight person too and the money could have belonged to some other goons too. Take her out to coast and you believe she will leave the money there? maybe the next day the money would have been banked. he picked her up as she arrived and immediately killed her.

maybe that was in the mix, but then, monicah refused to go by the script. but this whole saga has alot of questions to. like why was Monica family in a rush to bury her ?

Enuff said.