Jacque Maribe:Example of a strong black woman

If it was me who went through all the drama Maribe has been through singeweza Especially murder by boyfriend or fiancee. I would never ever be the same again. She’s so strong. I love her strength and ability to bounce back. I hope women can learn from her story to keep off broke and homeless men bcz they are dangerous. @Finest wine cant leave you behind. Udaku haitaki uvivu.


Truman capote heri ata ungezaa chura usaidie our ecosystem than being the waste of space that you have now become.

People recover from traumatic brain injuries, multiple fractures, twisted spines, comas etc na wewe the best unafikiria ni hii upus ya kujitafutia? Nobody forced her to date men with zilch between their ears

I never know what to make of Jackie. Really don’t. She will never recover her career. I would leave the country if I was her. If they clear her.

Mamako aliza chura and now look at the mess we are in. If she closed her legs we would not be having you around. Space sio yako Mr. MGTOW. And I can assure you that you can not even afford the space I am wasting. As a woman I have a right to be gossiping but wewe sasa mwanaume mzima na makende Tatu unusu, instead of hustling for some woman and some kids, uko kwa kila post trolling. Mimi Sina mbegu nobody will hold me accountable for not propagating the species, as for you and your gey mgtow crew after hio Umalaya yote Tena mukose kuacha mbegu, mutazikwa nje ya fence usiku wa manane. Please get married uwache kusumbua watu huku na endless matusi. You are so bitter and it’s bcz mbegu inakusumbua umekosa mtu wa kupea Ball. No woman wants your seed. Things have changed for women not so much for men. Ujue by now your mother already suspects that you are gey and that’s why at your age hujaoa na hujazaa. For me nimeamua badala niende kujengea some ungrateful losers like you who take advantage of women, kwao, wacha niachie watoto wa babangu na watoto wao my earthly belongings. It’s the most radical Feminazism. Live and die having given men nothing. A slap in the face of the patriarchy and the best part is that there’s nothing yall can do about it. I beat the system and many women are beating the system. The patriarchal slavery system or matrix. I’m not about to get caught up with a loser ati ndio nizae. Enda utafute mtu wa kukuzalia uache machungu. I have never submitted to any 3 legged baboons like you and I won’t start now. I’m enjoying living in my ivory tower devoid of 3 legged creature induced dramas and traumas. Let me retire in peace by the grace of God I have so far escaped the clutches of you 3 legged orangutans. Sio saa hii nikiwa mtu mzima naenda kujiingiza kwa shida.Look for a woman who is stupid enough akuzalie utulie. The level of misogyny you spew here is a sign of deep depression. So please change your gey ways and follow your own advice. Zalisha mtu. Leave senior citizens to enjoy retirement without your outbursts that reek of a frustrated man whose biological clock is ticking. Ama hujui men also have a clock? Ukingojea 70 your kids will be retarded. Start now. Lead by example. Though I doubt any sane woman can open a leg to you geylord manenos. Na Ujue Corona kills men more so at least ensure you impregnate s1 b4 you bite the dust. Utatupwa kwa forest nani.

I think she will. Kenyans are forgiving.

Hehehe najua unakuaga na matusi lakini leo nimekuvulia kofia. Hehehe!

:smiley: Mimi niliokotwa chini ya oven…yep that is our Jojina.

We onli thank God her genes will never be seen again on the face of the planet. Imagine angekuwa na like 3 daughters in their 20s indoctrinating them to this kind of dogma? Si vijana wangekua na shida sana?

Naa let the Sista preach what she believes in. Si pia wewe you preach what you believe in?