Jacob Zuma


Agreed no, forced out yes.

Guy had no other option.

Asijali. Askie vile mbeki aliskia.

Had vowed to go down with the country, nikamshangaa

Jakonde thought he was untouchable sasa ile amebaki ni choosua mwitu pia yeye chake kimotoni

Spokesman wa Zuma amesema ni #FakeNews
JOHANNESBURG (Reuters) - South African presidency spokesman Bongani Ngqulunga dismissed reports on Monday that President Jacob Zuma had agreed to resign as “fake news”, as the ruling party held talks to decide the leader’s fate.

https://af.reuters.com/article/topNews/idAFKBN1FW1OD-OZATP [/INDENT]

South Africa hakuna usurper who will try to swear himself in?

But the thug has probably negotiated clauses that insulate him from prosecution for 10 years of corrupt dealings.

the only way that guy has accepted to step down is a sweet ass fukn deal that will screw the common satafrikans…