Jacob ZUMA resign as South Africa President and Africa politics and democracy maturing

Jacob Zuma resigns as a president of South Africa. democracy maturing in Africa and now we have a future.

Let the correpshen charges begin:D:D

It was either that or a motion of no confidence. Sasa ni kutumia pesa za corrapshen kutuliza majaji.

Already the Guptas are being rounded up
@1776 , not easy bro…their justice system is still very white and difficult to compromise…maybe when he was still president but not now

You’re right

It took too long, the ANC is not that bad like some other ruling parties in Africa.

He had to. What goes around always comes around

I would expect this to be a pinned thread with 1270 replies.

So having standards and actually sticking to them is a “white” thing ? Good to know.

Unless someone throws in a jakuonist (si unamjua) or Uthamakistan rant, don’t get your hopes up. That’s what tickles people’s interest in this forum.

Good riddance. I got sick and tired of him after the rape saga where purportedly he used no protection and gave a funny primitive account on how to avoid HIV infection.

The EFF played a big role in Zuma’s downfall. The Gupta’s and Dudu Mieni(The South African Waiguru) will have a long day.

There is no such a thing as democracy when the majority don’t control their country wealth

That’s the story of almost 95% of all nations.

Since Jakonde ameenda Jakom should follow and resign from being a perennial noise maker and a loser

Here they are.

Now threshold met. The topic will change at once

Imagine this in Kenya, UhuRuto is forced to step down by Jubilee because of corruption and then some member of Jubilee is nominated , am trying to think of one with no corruption but Im having hard time thinking of any, when the big man declines, Jubilee via its chair Tuju says it will support an opposition backed motion to impeach the president. South Africa is clearly not an African country. Huku tutafika lini? Maybe in the next millenium.

Hata nimejigonga kichwa niliposikia mtu hapo akisema democracy in Africa.

In SA it is…White dominated sectors are still very reputable, e.g the legal profession,health sector, judiciary, one branch of the national security (which had to be disbanded because it was too hard on Zuma and his cronies, institutions of learning such as Wits, UCT and Stellenbosch are still white run and are still the best by a mile…rugby and cricket are still the best sports…and Western cape province where capetown is situated, despite the draught, is the most efficient province in Africa…try Gauteng, Mpumalanga, Limpopo, Eastern cape and all you hear are mega corruption stories with inefficient service delivery. They have given Africans a bad name. The independence of the judiciary in SA (not opposition) is the best thing to ever happen to their brand of governance…it keeps the corrupt ANC in check. But most of the old judges are starting to retire…trouble

Na hapa the we are revisiting the SC course of their decisions.