Jacob Zuma Declines Uhuru's Visa Demands

South African President Jacob Zuma on Tuesday declined to make a definite pledge on when tough visa rules for Kenyans will be removed, despite a plea from his host President Uhuru Kenyatta.




truth be told shining eyes wamesumbua raiya za S.Africa sana. Did u expect xuma to accept mambo ya visa? South Africans hawawezi ishi na amani juu ya hawa watu

jacob juma

Osha mnyanye vizuri ama upandishwe ndege ya cargo.


Ala! Nilikuwa nimeona kama ni Jacob Juma…

Wacha Uongo kama ya norther water tunnel kua secret. Zuma said that yes they need to work on identifying the profile of those who can get their visa in mzansi

You must be really wanking to this news Aren’t you?

It isn’t even factual. Zuma promised to look into the matter and have Kenyans travelling to SA get visas on arrival.
Hii nugu ni useless propaganda huwa inaeneza.

@Jirani si ufe, meffi!


Hapo ata afadhali hangejibiwa. That’s just a diplomatic f*ck off!

Those were my words idiot not a verbatim transcript of what that other idiot Zuma said.

They may as well have been his words dumbass. Jacob Zuma is done! There is no policy worth a damn that he can push through. Huyo msee ni njaro tu anakula akingoja the inevitable, trying to use state funded trips to see the world. I’m sure Uhuru is smart enough not to expect much from him but obviously he has to bring up such issues as a formality so that it looks like there’s actually something being worked on. Wee shinda hapo! I’m sure uhuru alikua anamuangalia hivi akisema hio story ya ‘looking into the matter’

That nigga is slow he can’t comprehend what you’re trying to tell him

I better spur with Bingwa and his 100 handles sio mavi ukiona kinyesi.