Jacob Ochola - Kibaki's first born Son...


The amount of detail in the stories being given here are enough to raise some eyebrows. Either very well rehearsed lies or they are simply truths. Then there’s the resemblance that’s a bit too close to be mere coincidence.

Huyu ni mtoi wa Kibaki. There is no two ways about it. Kumbe Kibaki alikua Father Abraham.

What I’m wondering is, this man started meeting with waKibaki in his early 20’s, by then Emilio was a prominent figure of the Kenyan society.
The question is , what went wrong , that Emilio had acknowledged him as his son, and the 2 were constantly meeting at Muthaiga golf course, and later on he couldn’t access Kibaki ?
Also, if Kibaki didn’t have a problem acknowledging him as his son, He must have introduced him to a few of his close friends, in those moments of being drunk.

Probably the old man saw the guy had no serious ambitions. I mean if he was that type of person he wouldnt be here on the first place

Hiyo pua ni ya Kibaki 110%

Mashida za polygamy. Why can’t men embrace their own seed. Very shameful. Kibaki was a fraud.What kind of a man can’t even allow his own siblings access him in his old age. These politicians are full of shit.

Only in kenya where you die rich and some grown asš human pops out of some primodial anus and claims you knocked up their mom :D:D:D:D

Hizo siku zote ,where the fcuk were they?

Protecting the family’s “Royal Reputation”

Lucy alikua ameshika Kibaki makende na pia I believe she poisoned the kids .

Repost ya pili sasa tungoje @Micymas @ChifuMbitika na @Ndindu wa repost

Why do people reject other people? Property.

Another example of why it is such retarded thing to be a step father .Ule jaruo alimlea na akampea identity alisha sahaulika .You can see his preoccupation has always been his real father .

he looks more like that so called adoptive father.

huyu mzae wants to sumbua Jimmy and his extended family.

Wanaogopa libel

Waah :D. Rich men need state sponsored protection from this philandering opportunist.[SIZE=1] lakini that guy looks like Kibaki a lot, apewe 20%[/SIZE]

Tusizoeane aiseh!

Lakini ninja iko na kipara na manywele za white kuita mtu “daddy” inakaa ovyo :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Seems the step father died without knowing that he was not his son. The mother mentioned Kibaki once the other father had died. Kibaki was in an illicit affair with his mother while married to the husband.

It seems Kibaki did everything to pacify the guy, yet keeping him far. It is like when men pay baby mamas from time to time to keep them silent