Jacking Off

Hapa Iko Shida … :smiley: :smiley:


Chief wanker ktalk

Ishawekwa hapo chini

Seems Patricia has thoroughly jacked off on that thread too…:frowning:

Wacha tucomment hapa tu.

We have thoroughly trolled that gyal on twirra. Apeleke upuss huko mbali. She’s the one who is sexually harassing wagithomo.

Buttco @T.Vercetti umbwa wewe

Alikuwa anajikuna tu

@uwesmake you need to grow up.

You know the young generation thinks the older generation takes wanking as they do, to them its an abomination. Why would such an old man be doing it, ati juu ameona your thighs?

Marissa hio shagmate ya @uwesmake

I blocked Pat kitambo sionangi vitu zenye alipost

How did the guy see the thighs even through a tinted window while standing kìdù 3 feet away?
Why did she not just drive away ?
I’m not a dude but I’m pretty sure that’s not how y’all do it.
What she did is shameless and wrong and another embarrassment to us after the vasha videos.

very stupid menially challenged woman . we always pat mr wise guy during the day

Hakuna ata sketch ya hizo thighs sisi pia tuone…:cool:

Kwani mukurino hawafai kujerk ama?

Hizo thighs zinaonekana aje na jamaa ako far away from that lanye , munaulizanga wakorino nini


Hard pass…neeeext!!

Hehe, she wishes some hungry beta meos would know she has thighs

naona watu wakisema hawataorder food yake wasiambiwe sexual harrassment, be careful what you post for clout