Jackie Maribe

If I ever had a reason to fear men, this story of Maribe got me suspicious of everyone I come across. I want to believe Jackie is innocent and she did what she did to cover up Jowie bcz of love and fear of bad publicity and losing her job. I don’t think she knew Jowie had killed someone. I feel for her and even more for Monica and her family. This is bad and the way I see this judge Nzioka sioni akimwachilia. Woi. Mungu wangu and her dad is a pastor.


Jacque Maribe’s story makes me reflect so deeply about the concept of being co-creators of the situations we experience.

They say love drives you to kill with, for, or abet murders your beloved commits, but sometimes it isn’t love.

Sometimes it’s the consciousness we enter into relationships with.

Sometimes it’s our attachment style that becomes our ultimate undoing.

Sometimes we are so desperate to fix this singlehood thing that we staunchly turn our heads when redflag 1, to 1,000,000 show up.

No matter how much we claim Jowie made her do it, the law will probably view it differently. That she was an adult with agency, and she chose to abet a murder.

She chose to go back to the Newsroom and report the murder she had participated in with a straight face.

I wish she’d loved herself and her career and CHILD enough to rat this man out to the cops.

I hope and pray she closed her lips because she was under duress, that the man threatened to end her …because otherwise

Interestingly, if she’d been the main killer, the man would have thrown her under the bus at 5.00am. Men perfected the art of self preservation millennia ago. In ride or die situations, it’s mostly the women who die.

The weirdest bit is that even after all the drama, another woman picked up this man and played house with him.

I don’t even know how that ended, or if it ended, but it goes to show where the collective consciousness of the women in this country is.

We don’t really like admiting that we have the power to stay away from problematic males.

We love the ‘He ruined my life’ saga a little too much.

If there was a pill I’d recommend to all women and girls in love, I’d call it:


Lucky for you, there’s already an “always Pad”.
I’m sure a " Me First Pad" is on the drawing board somewhere…

This story is much deeper than u think,and what u are talking about is nothing close to the truth,other than what the media fed u with. So wacha maneno,kunywa uji and be troubled with yours…

Hebu give us the full 411 coz aki if a hunk like Jowie can chop off a woman’s head, in whose hands are we safe?

Give us 411,we love minding other people’s business, our own imetushinda so let’s concentrate on Jowie bad boy and Jackie Maribe confused girl.

Just drop the facts here boss. Hakuna DCI ako huku. Feel free Admin will protect you. Tupatie uhondo.

, Ati admin will protect u. I also know nothing,other than the fact that what the media portrayed it to be is a 180° turn off the truth…

Si you teach us how to be selfish coz hii mambo ya ride or die itatumaliza. It’s very hard for us. I don’t want to imagine putting my pops in this kind of pressure bcz of a broke man who is driving my car and living in my house and saa hio I am a single mother. Just help us coz sio kupenda kwetu it’s just how we are socialized. When I imagine stressing my parents like this I can do anything to avoid such mistakes. The people I really feel sorry for are parents. You never know how your kids will turn out. If Maribe hadn’t accommodated this nigga angerudi Saudi Arabia and Monica would have still been alive today. Accommodating jobless men is the beginning of all evils in this Nairoberry. If all women said no to accommodating and feeding broke ass men, all these rogue men would have gone to work in Saudi Arabia.

Whenever I am tempted to help a broke man I always remind myself that we are the ones destroying our men. Before Jackie, Jowie was very hard working in Gulf he even got a job for his gfs brother but when he entered prostitution now he has destroyed so many lives. Starting with his own.

You give us the real story.

I wouldn’t shed tears over any of the two. They’re the only ones who know the truth

She is yet another collateral for women to learn men will be traitors always

I’m sorry for their parents. You can imagine the pain of having a child in jail especially if it’s life imprisonment

Aki women!!! I think we are under some curse. How can you throw away your life like this bcz of a jobless, broke guy and you even have kids to think of?

The first duty to self is to preserve your own life. Why would you accept to go to jail trying to shield someone else, if you know you didn’t murder anyone? We only have one life; mtu abebe msalaba wake.

We r learning now it isn’t worth it…

Everywhere i look, women who have spent the first 35 years of life not having romantic connections and self esteem, are the ones paying men for attention and handing them their car and a spare house key. Men are so fortunate.

Wacha keys, Jowie had her 3 credit cards and all their PINs or might he have been using charms on her. I don’t think this is normal at all.

It has to be very deep.

Give us a glimpse

Usijali boss,wewe uko very safe because no hunk or ugly man can look at you twice

She is not a child.She is an adult of sound mind who abeted murder.Parents wake itabidi wazoe.Also think of Monica’s parents and how they feel about the beheading of their daughter.