Jackie Maribe Sacco

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Judge amesema “lecently a suspect was found ndead in a police cell” na akaongezea “the safety of the respondent shound mbe nguaranteend while in custondy”. Mnaskia @pamba? Msitunyongee bae kwa cell vile mlifanya Mwai, tunawaonea 18 nyinyi Kenya police.

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This Maribe girl appears to have been a down to earth girl, bila maringo miiiiiiingi kama hao wengine. I can’t help but feel a little woiye for her. However, if she did the crime, she must do the time.

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Monica’s murder was hurriedly and stupidly executed by a trained killer who after realizing his mess, tried to cover up and left the most open trails in what I can say is the dumbest crime around. DCI ain’t stupid, holding Maribe means she’s in the middle of this crime. Jowie is supposedly an illegitimate son to Monica’s father, it gets complicated that Jowie had a sexual relationship with her sister. The father has refuted being a dad to the killer.
Maribe gave wrong accounts to the police initially opening a case as to what she knew about the@murder of Monica and why she’d go the the extent of lying. Police have taken DNA samples from Jowie to match with those from Monica’s given evidence that there was a sexual intercourse before she was brutally murdered.
From which club was Maribe was supposedly picked up from? Was this the point lies started? Phone trails locates her phone and car at Monica’s apartment, was she physically present or her phone and car? That’s for police to determine. Irungu shot himself at Maribe’s bedroom. My questions, why would he do this? What disagreement did they have and over what? Had they arrived with her or found her in the house? Suicides base on emotions, why would Jowie a trained killer want to kill self? Must be personal.
Maribe lies to the police that Jowie was shot by three thugs while the truth was he shit himself & she went to wake up yet another suspect. This means she knew these two well and their depth of crimes. Fact that she gave wrong account to police means she knew everything. Maribe burnt the clothes Irungu used at Monica’s which would mean he confided in her about the murder or she was there at the scene coz the intention was to destroy evidence. She knew gun used by Irungu was hidden at neighbors house, why didn’t she reveal to police?
Irungu supposedly had sexual relationship with Monica, did Maribe know about their relationship which would mean a passion angle. Where was Maribe on that particular moment? Concealing evidence is a major crime.
Why she burnt Jowie’s clothes, lied about the shooting & hiding the gun remains biggest puzzles for the police to piece up. One thing that’s turning out to be the truth is, Maribe knew more about this murder it’s for police to determine if she was directly or indirectly involved. Just how did the gun used in shoot of Irungu end up at a neighbors(who’s also a suspect) house? Did Maribe shoot Irungu and hide it the gun? Why would she give wrong account? Concealing evidence means you’re fully aware of a crime, how much was she aware of?

Courtesy of CSI Kinyanboy

Why are you guys calling a watchman a trained killer?

There’s no way he shot himself. Guys have wild imaginations…

And later went on to read the 9pm news.
Cold blooded murderer.

Jackie Wanjiru Maribe tumesha kushiba.
Die Bish

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