Head of Alibaba and Xiaomi to land in Nairobi this July.
Hoping for an official MI Store in Kenya.
He will be here for UNCTAD related stuff where he will meet Dr Mukhisa Kituyi(genius wa ingo) and finish the tour in Rwanda.
Welcome to Crazycountry Jack Ma. You inspire us

unasema nini ??

nkt. enda unuse mangotha za Millie Odhiambo kama hujui Jack Ma ni Nani.

kuja polepole.na ueleze mimi hio ni mdudu gani

Jack Ma ni Steve Jobs wa China

He’s entrepreneur from China. I think the richest man from that county. I said county juu hii elections hata chinku wako ndani ndani.


steve jobs wa china ni nani???

:D:D:D:D:D:Deasy now majamaa ni ujinga tu nko nayo

Jack Ma.

Wa jobs China baba jack.

Jeff Bezos maybe??

His story is really inspirational.

well, it depends, some might even say the Steve Jobs of China is the founder of Xiaomi - Lei Jun

Karl Pei wa Oneplus anakuja strong pia

Tuletewe hio laptop yao inakaa mzuri sana…in subject of laptops what’s the added advantage of a macbook (apple laptops)

The smartphone market is very unpredictable, today you are in the top ten makers tomorrow you’ve been elbowed out by a nondescript Chinese brand.

PS. Oppo is the brand to watch. It is likely to dislodge all others and become the biggest seller from China.

bragging rights.

Opppo owns Oneplus.

aha! sikujua hiyo.