J Blessing :The pretty boy women are dying to have kids for

Women love pretty boys. Sio Vera Sindika or Amber Raye pekee, women want those pretty boy genes.

Tuseme amewalamba wote matanye

Another Violent Serial Womanizer …
Bure Kabisa … :rage: :fire:

Brenda wairimu ndio exception.

Those women seems mentally disturbed just like the ghaseeer, how does a man have braids like a slut ? Tat motherfucker doesn’t qualify for ktalk discussion. Hio wacha @Mickymos wakadiscuss huko kilimani mom’s


She also dated him? This Nairobi is one big bedroom.

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Who’s your favourite of his baby mommas? I like Chantelle the most. She is a real gaidi.

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I and Agwambo have also deeked you

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The girl has no Meat on her bones … :grin:

Chantelle Naisola Siameto.

Aaaaahhhh …
Brenda Wairimu … :two_hearts:

This guy has bastard’s everywhere. No self respect at all.

He’s a real dry fry artist wachana na village wannabes


Si hivyo she’s very pretty but Juliani

Siku ARV zitaingia kwa mix ndio atajua dry fry sio mama ya mtu.

Naoba mkudu @TrumanCapote

Huyu Cute Boy mwenzangu alitenda. Kuna time nilikuwa nakatia the one on the bottom left anaitwa Laika, kidogo kidogo vile nimempeleka road trip akaniambia ako na mimba. Kumbe while I was spitting lines and taking her on dates nilikuwa namarinate vitu ndio aende kupigwa dry fry na J Blessing

Euro 2016 No GIF by Sporza


Madem hupenda watu popular.Not necesarily rich or or goodlooks.The fact that she is associated with mr x who is well known entertainment for producing music videos or mr x well known in sports as a pro boxer or footballer or mr x wellknown in the business world for owning a fleet of matatus etc etc will get any kenyan woman dropping her panties.She will drop her panties faster and will care less whether you where a condom if her circle of friends recognize your popularity.
Juu ya hii story,you realize that baby mamas woote wa blessing are from the same circle called entertainment industry ya Kenya.Wote ni either artists or groupies wenye wanajua the popularity of his art in the industry.


mimi ni dry fry artist. hata @KuwaitBabe anajua

Mlisema Avril ako ma okiwmwiii…

Isn’t she Italian?