I've Changed My Mind About Frank Obegi

The guy might have been a scammer, but the fact that his so called “friends” were the first to do an expose on him even before his burial leaves a lot of questions to be answered?

The truth is, if you make money legally or illegally than most of your peers, most of them will be happy if some misfortune befalls you.

His so-called “friends” were told some hearsay story by the mortuary attendant and ran to social media to castigate him for likes and retweets.

Maybe he was a scammer. Maybe he deserved it. But something is off.

I’ve also noticed that most Kenyans wakona ka-wivu flani. Some people are so bitter online that they’re advocating for PayPal to be banned in Kenya. Ati watu wa online wamekuwa wengi sana.

Some are so close minded that they think everyone working from home and making good money online must be crypto scammers.

Life is not fair, and there will always be someone who is doing better or worse than you who probably doesn’t deserve it.

The earlier you accept that fact, the easier it will be for you to live a happy life with no bitterness.

Just mind your business to the point you don’t even notice your neighbor has bought a new car.


I still don’t see the part where " you have changed your mind"

He is probably convinced the Frank guy wasnt so evil at all, was just brought down by some jealous friends.

Whatever befell Frank, he deserved it 100%. He may be scamming fools or he may not, but siku izi naonanga hawa wasee wa easy money wakipenda sana upussy za inspirational quotes na kufloss kwa social media.

Not everybody will be happy with your success, legit or not. Especially if you decide to educate people who are less unfortunate, a thinly veiled belittlement under the guise of inspirational quotes, people will come for you out of jealousy.

Hii tabia huwanga sana sana na writers. Keep your success to yourself. People are depressed and broke out here and any flossing done on whatsapp is an insult to them.

In English now please:rolleyes:


Hii tabia huwanga sana sana na writers. Keep your success to yourself. People are depressed and broke out here and any flossing done on whatsapp is an insult to them.[/QUOTE]

Pewa balozi baridi hapo kwa bill yangu…keywords kanyangia stori!!!

Ulitetea Alchemy juzi sasa unasema scammer ameonewa

This is the guy who stood with Alchemy…i will post the name.of the cindition that this kind of guys suffer from when i remember it

But I was right about Alchemist.
The guy who recorded the video made a public apology, and deleted his social media accounts.
Alchemist imerudi kufunguliwa na kila mtu alisahau hiyo story.

I’m a free-thinker, something that you can’t comprehend.

Re-read my statement. Hakuna pahali nimetetea huyo jamaa.

I’m just saying, his so called “friends” have a jealous motive for exposing him like that for likes and retweets based on hearsay from a mortuary attendant. Walikuwa mabeshte wake but ni kama wamebambika jamaa amekufa.

Na huyo mortuary attendant alijua aje waliuliwa juu ya scamming? Kweni alikuwa hapo wakifinywa?

Kujiita free thinker ni lazima uwe punguani? What I’m I missing.

Well the guy was a criminal. You possiblly wouldn’t expect his friends to start fake sympathizing that he was a good guy. Alafu like I said, many of this new money clique have an odd behavior of rubbing their success on people’s faces, making them feel like losers. If you got to do that, at least make sure you are clean.

He was probably threatened to retract.You were not right.
They would have re-opened if the video was the sole reason why their issue went viral.
Why don’t we hear friends talk ill.of their dead pal on all occasions

What is online samming? How can a person scam me? What was Frank doing

Hapo umedinya point. And you’re right.
But sometimes people get jealous even if you don’t rub it in their face. Especially if that person was not doing great, and all of sudden things start to work out and they become distant friends.

Its actually carding. Sijui venye wanafanya but somehow they clear your accounts connected to ATM cards.

Exactly why people have to play it low. What people dont know wont kill them.

You do flossing, better be prepared for the attention.

The Weeknd said

These niggas they’ve been doing too much flexing…

They about to call on the wrong attention…

My opinion is that people should learn to have more than one account, most of your money should be in the account unconnected to your card

Your opinion is worth it, but these are scammers, their work is to detect any slight opening and they strike.

Jamaa ameze pamba bila kusumbua. Alot of people including my mum has lost money to scammers. Siwezi onea mwizi huruma. Kuna jamaa alikuwa anaitwa baba Sam hapo Njiru. Sold the kirima land then stiffed someone some money. Jamaa alikatakatiwa kwa gate yake nasikia no one would recognize him apart from wife coz ya nguo alitoka nazo. Crime does not pay.is a matter of time ukule za mbaya

What is fishy about the whole ordeal…the two friends who went to report him missing…who were also brutally murdered…immediately after together with him

Reporting to polisi ni noma aje…D- wanajua kitu hawasemi…stinks to me like their job