I've Always Told You Whites Are Not Human...............Long Watch!

This kid woke up one day in 1979 and started shooting up her schoolmates. Killed a few people.

When she was finally arrested, after a six hours sieke, she simply said.

“I was bored. I hate Mondays.”

Beat that.

She’s now known as the grandmatha of school-shootings in the US.


you told us already

She only had means.
I burnt an entire forest while angry.
Had I a gun…

Damn whities… I had all praises for you today and now this… I take it back, all human are fcuking nuts!

Blacks engage in violence for reasons such as anger, revenge and control. Whites do it because they enjoy and fantasize about it.

Rarely will you hear a black kid went with a gun and killed innocent with no reason. Very few cases .

Our genes are super-genes . Check this out : every white millionaire or billionaire who needs transplant, they secretly request a black person’s organ.

Good example - rockafella billionaire who died recently ,always requested black people’s organs be it heart ,or kidney and that’s why he lived past 100yrs.

Whites have “recessive” genes. Genes that can’t stand pressure , can’t stand heat , can’t social injustices rather it defragments into pieces inform of mental breakdown .

Kwani how fickle is your sense of humanity if you can praise a race in morning and reverse your opinion after watching a video?

Lots of jungus wakisota huwa wanaji-hung. They can’t stand pressure.

@Abba you’re wrong on this one. I wish you could read up on the statistics of black on black crime in the US. I had this friend/coworker that’s been dead now over 10 years. He was the nicest, quietest, hardworking 17 year old with dreams of going to college. One early evening after work, he was at the bus stop waiting to go home, when a random guy drove up to him, asked if he “sold weed…” My friend answered no and bam! a shot to the head…died on the spot. For what?? There are countless heartbreaking stories of young, black men who were murdered by fellow blacks for no good reason at all. The propensity towards violence and crime among blacks cannot be compared to any other race. Have you been to Chicago? Detroit? Philadelphia? Baltimore? Richmond, VA? They are shit holes precisely because of the high black population.

@Purple my reference to above was mass shooting . Like you wake up asubuhi go to a nursery school and bam bam bam kill innocents en mass. A good example las-vegas bam bam 72 all gone in few minutes ingine ni Ile ya elementary school when BO was president . There are there wit blacks but can’t compare rate with Caucasian. Kwani boyfriend ni mzungu…just asking

Well, I wouldn’t say never due to any inherent virtuous ideals in blacks. Far from it! Blacks are just as capable of mass murder, I mean there have been many black serial killers. White males get away with alot whereas blacks are more likely to raise suspicion and less likely to purchase high caliber expensive weapons because of increased scrutiny (most gun vendors are white, the NRA is overwhelmingly white and republican). Had that Vegas shooter been black, guaranteed they would’ve been detected ahead of time.

This is not entirely true…there was a video on fb last year where a black guy shot an old homeless guy while live on Facebook coz his girl had left him.

That one was a hoax by the way. My reference was mass shooting because of mental instability

So tumeamua kati ya blacks na whites nani wabaya?


:D:D:D:D:D ati nini.Hilarious in the midst of sad story

Why are we going so far?

Aren’t machete wielding orangutangs and brown toothed hooligans responsible for hacking their fellow villagers right here at home? Ati because they are the wrong tribe…

Black Lives Matter Movement should have been formed long time ago to rally against black on black violence. They don’t call south of Chicago CHIRAQ for nothing.

Just google ‘largest armies in the world/history’ and show us even one black nation.

We will wait as you demonstrate to us the white mans peaceful non violent traits.

Ama violence is okay as long as it’s well organized and uniformed? Unlike sagging blacks, right?

Some blacks are very violent too and they are not driven by the reasons you mention. A good number are just psychopaths.

There are many broke jungus in those backwater countries in Eastern Europe, not all whites are doing well financially.