Itumbi picks up Jackie Maribe from court

Very hot sieks in the offing

Atapewa job na jambass

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You can be sure that very soon she will just be yelling aki Dennis. And the sex will be very passionate. I cant imagine being Jowie right now. One of the worst things I fear ni kuenda jela.


Enyewe Itumbi is a ride or die friend to Maribe. How many of such do elders here have?

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Hii simping ya hii jamaa hunishangaza sana…This nigga can get premium pussy but for unknown reason he only sticks around this bitch kaa mtu hana options

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The stinky kind

Inakaa hii ngoko hukua na coomer tamu ajab

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My take is different.

Women will use you without a blink. Itumbi maybe atapewa handjob tu, then used again


And sweaty

“Communication Director” at the Office of the President.

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