Itumbi alimwaga akaingia Embobut forest - DNA attached




kunguru just wants more money…

Which the baby is more than entitled to. Unataka alee mbegu yako na 20k? Are you mad?
To make it worse it’s a sickly child. Idiots like Itumbi should be castrated.

In nearly 2 decades of having sex av only ever fucked up twice. And they were both the same night. So technically, I have only ever fucked up once. How dumb are these idiots that keep fucking up?

Castrated for what. Wacha upuzi Itumbi is giving the kunguru a taste of his own medicine.

Whatever you do in life, you know it comes with consequences. On my end I have no respect for people who can’t handle their shit. He’s not “giving kunguru a taste of HER own medicine”. He is running away from his own child. Sugarcoat it all you want, but only idiots avoid their own seed.

Sound like you got two PG in a threesome. What are the odds.

That’s always the overlooked factor is the child. I always say kama the lady anasumbuka, move the child to your household. Either way probably that 20k a is too much for him. Remember hana kazi. No one knows how many other claims he has out there.

Mbona unadharau 20k, ama hio sio pesa kwa birrionea Kama wewe?

Dude is in a camp that used to steal billions. Shida si lack of cash, it’s wrong mentality. Huoni huko juu wanasema “kunguru blah blah”.

How much is the fool making? Kama ni struggler wa huku chini sawa. But this dude, Zi.

Si Ati kila mtu ako na access to Billions in that camp. It’s only a chosen few. There in communications there’s no Billions to loot. Pesa ziko devolution, treasury, lands, health, etc.

nani alimwambia akubali kumwagiwa ndani kama hajaolewa


How did you know it is a sickly child? Do you know the lady?

It doesn’t matter what he makes, that’s his business but provided he supplies a stipend then this whole sob story collapses.
As @sani would say, no matter how hard a dog is kicked…

How much did you expect him to pay. It seems you understand a lot about the kid. Hiyo pesa ni mingi kwa mtoto mmoja. I prefer we work with budget.

Hata apewe 200k. It is never enough.

how can 200k not be enough?
whatever he pays is up to him.
20k tells me what kind of man he is. fuck the bitch who cares about her. But your idiot dick gave her a child. You want to say fuck the child? No fuck you!

Omondi uko na watoto wangapi huko nje? Can’t be less than 12 omena fingerlings.