Itumbi aka Crazydude/Thirdman salimianga watu kazi huisha

Hii haitajibiwa. They will NEVER see this, umewanyamazisha.

Kweli wamenyamaza:D:D

However much people try to spin it, the memo says that they were suspended from office. Totally different from a transfer. Show me anybody who was suspended from office for being brilliant

Attach that memo here tujisome

Bado nacheka

William Ruto vehicle Jubilee Party can now set the launch date after President Uhuru signed into Law the amended political parties act that allows merging of parties.

Wewe attach memo yako ya transfer kwanza



Hii ndiyo ubaya ya early celebrations. Wacha vijana wa settle kwa secretariat then all system go with no shackles of the civil servant code of conduct. May me even see the reemergence of crazydude once campaign machinery roars.


The only game opposition wins are insults but that is not food that you can put on the table. No wonder they are a sad, miserable, frustrated lot.

Where have you seen insults in this thread?

Boss, i know you aren’t blind, soma hapo juu lakini ni sawa tu kama you can’t see them.

niaje Itumbi

his threads would tell you who he is

This thread has been commented 39 times so unasema hapo juu wapi? Be specific and unleash the facts.