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First item on Citizen TV is that Itumbi amefukuzwa kazi. Tunaomba ktalk Billionaires kama @rollout wampe kazi

Rink tafasari, mbirionaire hana local channels

Nimeona kwa TV. Ni breaking news. Wameban hiyo PSCU

bisha wapi… niko mashinani…

Naskia Ole Ntimama ana replace Ole Itumbi. Pia akina Muthaura wanatafutiwa kazi uko.

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Deputy chief of staff Nzioka Waita disbanded President Uhuru Kenyatta’s communication team on Wednesday.
Waita retained Manoah Esipisu as State House spokesman in a move that government sources attributed to disorganized communication structures within the unit.
They said that those affected by the disbandment will form part of the 2017 Jubilee campaign secretariat.
Most of the directors of the Presidential strategic communication unit (PSCU) were locked out of office on Wednesday.
The affected directors include Dennis Itumbi - digital and diaspora communications; Eric Ng’eno - head of messaging at the Presidency; Munyori Buku - senior director public communications; and James Kinyua - branding and events.
They were barred from State house and told to wait for the President to return from Botswana.
The sources said the President has not been amused by the group’s quick issuance of rebuttals on every matter touching on the government.
The quick responses have been especially to sentiments from the opposition regarding the 2017 and 2022 polls, a move they said has belittled the presidency on many occasions.


Very callous. Are you in the position to be appointed in their seats?

Tulia third man… Kuna mjengo next week come kuna job… Hehehe napenda sana



Lala boss:D

:D:D:DKuwa mpole.

@uncle nyam ama io picha uyo mtoi wa pili amenimaliza ama ungetumia pia hii

He had become a bit too much, but the guys laughing, jueni working in such environments gives one something priceless, contacts and networks, he won’t be out of a job for long.


@luoamerican Vumbistanis?

Dennis Itumbi & Company have not been fired, poleni sana. The President has just signaled the campaign is almost about to start and a campaign plan has been drafted. Deno, Eric, the brilliant mind Buku and Jamo were the communications guru of Jubilee campaign in 2013 and they have been moved to Jubilee Party Hq at State House road to begin the campaign brief designed by the british PR firm BTP Advisers. The President agreed with the brilliant deputy chief of staff Waita that it would be wise to separate campaign secretariat work with State House as it would at times have campaign friction. That heated campaign brief and statement if any, would better be managed at the secretariat than from State House. So opposition eat your heart out. Deno is still at the center of the Jubilee and he is unleashed with Facts and Figures to mobilize and campaign for Jubilee Party starting with its intended launch anytime from next month.

Huyo itumbi ako na pang’ang’a mingi sana,aende akikaukanga

Sisi tuko na the brilliant Philip Etale. Mezeni wembe