its TAKO Thursday..

[ATTACH=full]50368[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=full]50369[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=full]50368[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=full]50369[/ATTACH] wadau mi cwes wadanganya hii nakula hadi kwa settings,my device na about fone.

Attach it one more time, I don’t think we got it clearly the first 4 times…

Iyo tako nika imepigwa pasi haiko yunifom:(

NV, iyo tako ni normal nothing extraordinary, halafu rudisha profile icon ya wenyewe tafta yako

Posting a pic 4 times does not make it any more attratctive… Hapa hakuna matacoo

Hii ni nini?
Na hiyo ni lugha gani?

badala ufundishe nv vile picture uwekwa unamchomea.this village

Can someone please explain to me difference in size et all between p***ies for big and slim women. This obsession with big asses is too much

Momo One haujui Range Rover has a better ride than a Vitz?

Flat ass detected…



Iko wapi?

I like average. I dont know the difference. Am not an expert. Uwes can tell us.

flat screen mimi hapna tambua

niaje purr

sawa sawa ni pole pole tu kwa group

mimi ni mgeni kwa hii village relaks

iyo joto btwn the thighs noma si izi unaskia ni kama umekazwa na belt
big ass gives someone something to hold on to

ni njaa tu. ya chakula, not sex. the obsession is driven by the primal need to survive. a big woman sends out the signal that she has enough to eat, which implies she can provide more food to a nigger. the converse is true. a woman will be attracted to the tall athletic man coz he stands a higher chance of wearing the boar down and bringing the bacon home…remnants from our hunter/gatherer ancestry…[SIZE=1]please pass me that helmet[/SIZE]…