It's Raining Blows In Murang'a

Murang’a Governor Mwangi wa Iria and Kigumo MP Jamleck Kamau supporters on Friday clashed during a fundraising event in Maragua, Muranga county.

Hell broke loose after Wa Iria’s supporters stormed Kamahuha shopping centre where a fundraiser in aid of a local women’s Sacco was being held.

Kamau’s camp which was led by his wife Agnes Irungu arrived first at the event while Wa Iria’s supporters arrived much later and disrupted the event.

“This caused unrest and tension and police officers were called for re-inforcement from Sabasaba police station to ensure a fight does not break out”, a witness said.

And expect more come nomination process ya JAP. Since its almost certain if you have it central ushapita, you will see drama. Kwanza those MCAs., woi. Ole wako kama huna goons for hire.

Very poor idle youth being misused by the politicians. GEMA boys are ever insulting CORD juu ya hizi vitu. Hawa wanapigana hata kwa fundraiser. Utaskia ni CORD agents :D. Hizo nominations mungiki will come out in full force.

Ingekuwa ni homabay ungesikia ooh ODM ooh Raila ooh Thugs ooh Boys

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saw this earlier on the news. what wairia did was petty and un-governor like

He is doing as the romans do.

Peter Kenneth is just laughing !

because it is the norm…we shall be surprised when its peacefull tutashangaa

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Kenneth is also interested in the gubernatorial seat. Sijui kama atapata.

Wa Iria is a besieged man. Murang’a mbirrionaires are after his tail and Jamleck is their poodle


Makuma nyinyi, you are over licking each other pussies in your excitement.

Now the true mungiriki are out to play