It's Poaching When We Hunt, But Sport While COLONIALISTS Do It

It’s poverty when use traditional medicine but it’s organic food when whites eat herbs

It’s witchcraft when we dance with our costumes but it is Halloween festival when they depict demons and ghosts

It’s poverty when we dress scantily but fashion when they walk half naked.

[COLOR=rgb(184, 49, 47)][SIZE=6]Africa is for Africans. [/SIZE]

He hee

Laikipia aje?

Ako thidigwo

What’s your point?..

Crackers wanakuanga meffi ya panya tu

They pay a lot of money, to hunt in a controlled manner, which goes to the conservation of the wildlife.

Poaching is killing without regard for the well-being of the population of animals.

Uko na mafii ndani ya akili look what controlled manner did to their animals.

Killing animals for sport is disgusting. Mwafrika kills for necessity while muzungu does it for fun. You wonder why kule yurop na murica wanyama waliisha.

Sikatai lakini that doesn’t mean we should make the same mistake as them. Saa hii they are controlling hunting na their animal population is rebounding. Poaching is wrong ata iweje.

Hio killing for necessity is too ambiguous, where is the line? They pay to do it, a lot.

They learnt from their mistakes and so should we.


Whites are called expatriates when they are in Africa but we are called illegal immigrants in Europe.
Whites are called big game hunters in Africa but Africans hunting are called poachers.

Even their porn is Caucasian while ours must be labelled ebony

Let them pay alot of money because it is them who introduced poaching here…our ancestors used to hunt for food

Or culling

Our traditional herbs. Anyway, it is the queen elizabeth and other royals who own almost all the wildlife in the world. So porch as many antelopes as possible. Then let go back to our ways

Na pale Oyole unaitwa?

Far east