Its over for UDA in Muguga - Kiambu

Thrashed like a burukenge. Huko mashinani people are Jubilee.

Yaani JUBILEE is reduced to celebrating narrow win in it’s strongholds byelections?

Can’t be!!!

Uko na ujinga mingi kijana!

Na Kiambaa je? We look at the bigger picture

Ruto is interested in how many votes fall his side. The bigger picture. That is how he played Rao by campaigning against katiba to prove he had RV votes


UDA/JUBILEE means divided votes for jubilee or UDA. Thats a big win for man tinga

Analysis mbovu.

Wewe toka hapa Kalenjin aka teeth carrier

I hate to be the bearer of bad news but things are escalating really badly in Kenya. Dark clouds loom in the horizon.

Care to elaborate?

It’s a constellation of factors just lining up waiting for the right matchstick to ignite chaos. There are no jobs, no money, inflation is through the roof, 2022 will be yet another wasted year due to politrix, then covid. Things are not looking good.

Nitafutie visa ya United States mtoto wetu

If you apply for a visa right now, appointment yako itakuwa in 2023. That’s how backed up they are because of covid.

This sounds like every single day since 1963. Hehehee…I get your point lakini.