It's okay to be a Servant among your peers

Anyone who doesn’t take charge will be the servant
A rational servant will be submissive to a leader but will only do what they think is okay regardless what the leader says
If it doesn’t make sense, they won’t do it but if it makes sense they will do it.
The opposite of a rational servant is a submissive servant who follows what the leader will say

Rational servant would have few clashes among their peers and the leader will be begging to them for support
When they react, the effect is known and most likely will be implemented
A submissive servant will never object what is decided

The biggest flaw of being a servant is that they will never be involved in decision making and The leader can abuse his power on them to impose his decision by force

To be a leader you need to Have Influence and respect over people and getting the same from them
If you can’t influence people but you are told on what was decided by the leaders to follow. Just know you are the servant to your Peers
Psychologically a submissive servant can turn to a rational servant then a leader.
I am saying that you need to know your place in the squad

Wewe ni mwanaume, Uko over 18 na uko kwa squad. wewe ni mjinga, you’re an idiot, a fool!

Squad ni ya watu wa high school wenye huandika ‘fresh barida’ kwa shati zao za white.

Codivo naskia Ulitomba kaimati ndio mamako alikufukuza

Mlamba meffi humbwer ghaseeer takataka