It's Official: We Are Now Looking to Export Oil

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Early Oil Pilot Scheme flagged off today.

Tullow targerts to transport 2,000 barrels by road to Mombasa. Already 70,000 barrels are in stores in Turkana.

I hope it works

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Mimi nangoja ile siku mafuta itarudi 66 bob lita .Otherwise hapa najua ni wanaume tunalea .

70000 barrels/2,000 barrels a day = 35 days. is my maths wrong or i go back for my BSc fees
but 1 barrel according to Noogle is 159 litres, thats amounts to 318,000litre… someone please confirm and aniambie those tankers hubeba how much litres?

We export then import the same commodity. Tulirogwa na nani?

Tanker average from 30,000 - 70,000 litres. But mostly in Kenya is around 30k-40k. Maybe government sourced for special tankers.

Our clever government bureaucrats decommissioned our refinery at Changamwe without a backup plan so our oil industry will suffer the same fate the coffee farming industry has suffered.

Hi tuliambiwa tuketi pale na tusilize maswali. There is nothing we are getting out of it.

Me nangoja Uncle Sam alete democracy we have black sites in the name of Conservancies [ATTACH=full]173923[/ATTACH][ATTACH=full]173922[/ATTACH]

So far we have only discovered 1 billion barrels of recoverable oil which means we can extract 100,000 barrels a day. Too small to justify building a refinery which would cost anything between $2-$5 billion and it was proposed to be based at Isiolo right in the middle of the country. However modular refinery of 30,000 barrels a day costs between $300 million and can be upgraded to 3 times that to $900 million. However Tullow/Africa Oil/Total would wish that decision on the refinery to be decided when they finish exploration first and have the final oil count. Our daily national consumption is 150,000 barrels daily. Tullow needs to raise more of own funds to continue exploration. That means it will need these temporary metal tanks to be empty to facilitate more well tests which requires you pump the oil and that extracted oil will be stored again for export. So far this exploration oil is purely owned by Republic of Kenya and will be shared according to the formula agreed recently. They will only deduct costs. Tullow and partner have no ownership of the oil until all exploration is complete and a production licence is issued. This early oil export is just to get Kenya oil out there in the market to free the tanks for more exploration, get revenue to help pay partially for the road construction there and test market demand for our waxy oil.

Changamwe oil refinery machinery become obsolete in 1990’s. It was built in the 1960’s. In 2000’s the world banned petroleum that contains sulphur since its a dangerous environmental polluter. In 5 years it was phased out globally and that was the death bed of all sulphur based refinery globally including our own. Soon after the refinery was privatized and only one multinational from India bid. The problem is that everyone who wanted to bid conducted a technical assessment of the plant and each reached the same conclusion. Its cheaper to build a new one than convert it to a modern one. Changamwe only asset is its storage tanks. The plant pipes and steel only value is by stripping it down and sell the steel at market value. Two years after privatization the India firm withdrew and it reverted back to GoK. It has now been merged with Kenya Pipeline as it moves to convert it as a strategic oil reserve storage facility.

So we import refined oil?

Given that our deposits are not huge, why not set up a simple refinery and then sell products in the local market?
Why should we export crude then import petrol, diesel…
But what do I know

Prime fuels na transeast transport companies wanakafunga mbaya.
Wasee wa hauliers who owns these two?

Building a new refinery is a non issue. How many times has @spear told us the government operates business not for profit but for the good of Kenyans? Case in point, the expensive loan to build SGR.

Let that oil be used to bring down the cost of fuel in Kenya. The current model does not protect us from forex fluctuations and world oil price spikes.

We are headed the Chad and Nigeria way where price at the pump is unbearably high for the citizens yet the countries produce the highest amount of oil in Africa.

The cost of energy needs to come down significantly to stimulate other areas of the economy to make investment worthwhile; to create jobs that are needed by ordinary Kenyans. Many oil producing countries neglect other sectors of the economy and end up with high poverty.
To use the oil resource to grow other sectors of the Economy need be the starting point, for long-term social and economic transformation.

Zitachukua trips ngapi kujaza hii?


Hehehehe! Let me laugh. Ati “we are looking to export oil”

Nigga, who’s “we?”

You better check yourself before you wreck yourself!

At least wa Turkana wali sign ka MoU na serikali for 20% of the revenue. Kitunguu itanuka kunuka Lodwar.

Wewe je? Where do you fit in the equation? Ati “we” LMAO

I wish we can get someone who has extensive knowledge on the issue of oil. I am sure there is a very good reason-good or bad-why we are exporting then importing oil. The same way I heard that in Nigeria, oil is exported to Togo, refined there, then imported back to Nigeria. Someone has explained very well why Changamwe oil refinery plant was closed. I wish we can get the same info on this export/import business. Sitaki kuenda kuongea vitu sielewi mbele ya wazee wa kijiji chetu

Bottom line is someone will probably loose business if a refinery is constructed…