Its Official: Ruto vs Raila 2022

Riwe Riwaro.
@FieldMarshal CouchP it seems we shall have to vote after all

liwe liwalo na uncle ruto

Heri mwizi.Mganga akufie mbali…

May the shafting continue.

Kitu hamjui is Raila will be rigged in.

what changed?

the consequences of rigging out Ruto are better imagined than experienced.

Hapana tambua wezi.

Babake Digi fafanua please, kati ya hao nani mwizi?

Wote. Ni kama kucompare fisi na mbweha.

Mimi kama mijinga ya milima lazima nitume kimundu retirement mara ingine aaaaaargh!

liwe liwalo dynasties must fall, hustler nation will rise in 2022

naona kama ningeweka poll

mushunge kuruka kwa moto mukitoroka joto ya kaango

I’m not voting for either of them

Retirement Age used to be 55 years. How will a man who attained Retirement Age in 1999 understand the challenges of millions of kenyan voters who were born after 2000?
A person born after Raila Odinga had hit 55 years will be 22 years in 2022.

There is no other alternative. Being wise is being able to make a choice between two evils. I choose Ruto over Raila. The only man who stood with the Kenyan chruch during the last Referendum.
During Waigurus wedding, Raila attacked Christianity, attacked the church, insulted God.

A man who can neglect his family for political gains can never be our president.
A man who sacrificed his own son for political gains can never be our president.
A man who swims on the blood of his kinsmen to reach the shores of political benefits can never be our president.
Let Raila Odinga take care of the family he has neglected for so long.

Elezea ii vixuri

huyo mwingine hu-babysit saa ngapi?

Raila katakua senile by 2022