Its official kenya has gone to the dogs

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let us be shafted, we like being shafted. We are lovers of shafting

PS: turdmean @Electronics4u humbwer ghaseer wewe rudishia sisi wazee xenforo


Quoting verbatim works…

Sirkal saidia and other fables


Nitumie invite ya NY mkuu…nakuja mayolo soonest. Visa ndio inaiva

Kijiji bashaharibika, sasa mbona hii bahabari iko kwa section ba hekaya

Stupid los Angeles street homeless rat , kunia kwa subways polepole bila kusumbua na upige picha upost like your old handle @patco .shenzi

The same way Singapore sacrificed to get where they are, is the same way Kenya is about to do to get out of 9 Trillion debt hole then be independent.

By 2026, tutakua tukiimba “hasla for president for 100 years”.

Hasla has got good plans for Kenya .


UDA mnabebwa ujinga kabisa and you run along with it…singapore is a small island located at a strategic trading route… they did not implement policies this dumb… a well placed country will multiple sources of GDP is not comparable to 45 million apes led by an even larger ape

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Very true. In our Kangocho village lingo we say:
Ndīakagwo ta ya Wakinī.
Meaning you don’t design and build a house the same way as your namesake’s. Don’t be a copy cat!

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:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: can you trust @johntez_addi_gaza_ms with your bag uingie Choo ya kanjo kukunia? Replace @johntez_addi_gaza_ms with lootallgasagwa and Choo ya kanjo na Kenya .