It's Official: Democrats move closer to gaining control of the house:

“When Democrats win – and we will win tonight – we will have a Congress that is open, transparent and accountable to the American people," California Rep. Nancy Pelosi, the House Democratic leader, told an ebullient crowd at a Democratic election watch party in Washington Tuesday night. "We will strive for bipartisanship, seeking common ground as we are responsible to do, but when we can’t find that common ground, standing our ground.”

Drumpf has lost his first term referendum.

It’s very likely he’ll never serve s second term now that the easy rides are over.

Are you serious trumps party is adding seats to us senate which is more important than the house


It’s getting a bit confusing now, everyone is claiming to have won.
Nancy Pelosi has just addressed the media thanking voters for the victory.
Waiting now for the Republicans to do theirs and claim the same.


Rebulicans are taking the us senate but dems are taking us house

That’s obvious, my question was why would both claim a win, one must have lost more than the other.
Who’s the biggest loser, explain that (no need for charts, graphs or diagrams).

Before this, Republicans controlled both houses. Democrats have managed to flip the house of representatives (that’s their win), Republicans have gained more seats in the senate (a win of sorts).

Implications for governance: both Dems and Reps have to cooperate to get anything done. Trump’s big agenda may suffer kiasi, but one might say even when his party controlled both houses he couldn’t repeal Obama Care so there are obviously more power checks now.

Implications for 2020: Its game on. Trump has a head start, Democrats have learned that they cannot rally people on ‘Trump hate’ because it’s not just enough as an agenda

Revolution within the gop will sequence. The oaf will never reform and he is more likely to do more harm to the party before the next big election.

Donald J. Trump


“There’s only been 5 times in the last 105 years that an incumbent President has won seats in the Senate in the off year election. Mr. Trump has magic about him. This guy has magic coming out of his ears. He is an astonishing vote getter & campaigner. The Republicans are…

In the fixing world we say “tragedy is when you start believing your own propaganda”

Trump has more ammunition now: Any failure in delivering his campaign promises will be blamed on the Democrats. You will see how effectively he uses this in 2020

Be the objective observer

Winning either house should be bitter-sweet for the Democrats. If Trump fails to fulfill any of his promises or the economy suddenly heads south next year they will be blamed for “blocking” his agenda. They already know how good he is at playing victim. Economic policies tend to take two to three years to be felt in the economy. However, the layman will believe the NOW and convenient truth.

His failure will be his own.

I commend the Democrats they held him distracted in a perfect war of attrition.

The Democrats now only need the perfect candidate to counter Trump and that won’t be Hillary Clinton.

I can’t wait for that State of Union address and the cringefest…

The Democrats winning the House means they’ll put constant pressure on Trump and now have some bargaining chips. The Economy failing will be placed directly on Trump’s doorsteps since he preached that he’s helping Wallstreet.

On paper yes, but on the political platform especially for the reelection, Trump will effectively hang his failures on the Democrats.

This is part of the reason why Democrats are striking a reconciliatory tone and not the ‘blue wave’ bravado they were preaching before the mid-terms. Kuna mlima ya kupanda…

Nothing predicts presidential popularity like a strong economy. And yet in November 2018, Trump is less popular at 3.7 percent unemployment than Obama was in November 2010, when unemployment was 9.8 percent. That’s a tremendous political failure, and it should be seen as such.
Trump’s continued political survival is so unlikely that he’s often graded on a steep curve. It’s like watching a dog make pancakes: Who cares if the pancakes are good? When his stratagems work, or simply seem to work, he’s heralded as a genius. When they don’t, he rarely absorbs the blame another politician would face.
Imagine the election had gone another way. Imagine Trump’s hyping of the migrant caravan had succeeded, and Republicans had outperformed expectations. Trump would be heralded as a mastermind, and fearmongering on immigration would be the path forward for Republicans.
The opposite judgment should land with just as much force. Trump’s decision to keep the country in a constant state of agitation and his critics in a constant state of mobilization has failed. His effort to use immigrants to scare Americans rather than touting the economy to unite them lost the House. Republicans, rather than reaping the rewards of a booming economy, are facing a blistering electoral repudiation. The only reasons their losses are contained is that gerrymandering and geography have tilted the map in their favor, and so, like Trump himself, the share of power they win obscures how badly they lag Democrats in vote totals.
Republicans, increasingly, wield power only because America’s political system insulates them from the public’s judgments. The leader of their party — and of the country — came in second in the popular vote to Hillary Clinton and, despite a roaring economy, hasn’t cracked 50 percent in the polls since taking office. Tonight, Republicans lost the House, and if Democrats hadn’t been defending 26 Senate seats to Republicans’ nine, it’s likely they would’ve seen a rout in the Senate too.
The GOP needs to ask itself: What’s going to happen in 2020, when the Senate map reverses, and Republicans are defending twice as many seats as Democrats? What if unemployment is 5.7 percent rather than 3.7 percent?
That Republicans performed this poorly amid this strong an economy and this much geographic advantage should be a wake-up call to the party. Trump’s political strategy is failing, and they are paying the cost.

You seem to be shaping your own reality. Trump is the one who gambled on fear and hatred and drastically failed.

The Senate GOP race would have been lost too if more seats had been at stake.

Like I said if the Democrats field a better candidate than Clinton the rest of what will come afterwards will be noise.

Trump still needs a wall and immigration needs reforming so both sides will get what they want… The rest will be taken care of by Washington bureaucracy…